It’s no secret that gamers all around the globe have been itching to get their hands on a copy of the new “Far Cry 5” and it seems fans all over have had no hesitation in getting the game whilst it’s hot. It’s not much of a surprise to learn that the game has earned itself the title of having the second-highest grossing launch of all time for the studio creators. The sales report - which was released and confirmed by developer Ubisoft - proves to showcase just how big of a fan base the game franchise has developed over the years.

The release week revenue doubles that of ‘Far Cry 4’

If you’re at all familiar with the gaming industry, you’ve probably stumbled upon the amount of attention that the “Far Cry” game franchise has received. With the first game being released back in 2004, gamers have been captivated by the intense narratives that are showcased throughout the various storylines. With games full of compelling action, a range of riveting side missions, and an interesting plot to go along with it all, it’s no wonder why so many people had high hopes for the newest release.

In the sales report released by the game’s developer studio Ubisoft this Thursday, it’s now been confirmed that “Far Cry 5” has racked up an impressive $310 million during its release week.

This makes the game the second-highest grossing launch in the studio’s history, closely following the title holder of “Tom Clancy’s The Division” - which made $330 million during its own debut week.

In the reveal of these somewhat show-stopping figures, the excitement of the fans of the series is only further confirmed. “Far Cry 5” has already doubled the launch revenue of its predecessor – “Far Cry 4” – received during its release week, which was a successful game in itself.

The profit was led by PS4 sales

While the franchise is loved far and wide by gamers of all consoles and platforms, the figures reveal that PlayStation 4 players led the game’s sales. The sales for the console double that of the Xbox One, though both companies received a fair amount of attention in the release of the first-person shooter.

“Far Cry 5” is focused around the plot of a group of cult leaders taking over a fictional county in Montana. The player – who takes on the role as a sheriff’s deputy after failing to apprehend the so-called ‘leader’ of the cult – is left to their own devices to take on doomsday cult which is known as ‘Eden’s Gate’. In freeing civilians and taking back cult property, the player establishes a resistance to work to bring down the three main antagonists.

Despite not being intentional at first, the game is one that’s now become known to showcase a range of uncanny parallels to the current state of Trump’s lead in the U.S. In turn, the franchise has racked up quite a bit of political debate with arguments saying that the game showcases a portrayal of the society that we currently live in.

If there’s one thing we can assume for certain, it’s that “Far Cry 6” is almost a given after the success that Ubisoft has received for this continuation of the game franchise. We can only hope that the next game is as thrilling as the fifth but, until then, we’ll stick to bringing down the cultists.