So you've caught up to 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' most reason season and now you're wondering, even with that amazing cliffhanger, why you should continue watching it. Hey, I can't blame you for even allowing such a thought to wander around your mind! So let's get to it then!

Passionate fans? Definitely!

When word spun around that "Brooklyn Nine Nine" might be canceled, co-creator Dan Goor said that fans would have rioted. He was right! Although I'm on the fence, I would have definitely rioted! Or at least, expressed my disappointment all across all forms of social media.

There are reasons why fans are so passionate about this show (which will be explained in great detail later on). But let's talk about what "Brooklyn Nine-Nine'" (often abbreviated as B99 on some social media platforms), used to entice us into a fifth season.

Gina Linetti: new love interest

It's fitting that Chelsea Peretti's character, Gina Linetti may have played a part in saving this series. After its winter break, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" introduced Milton, a prospective love interest and evidently the father of her unborn child, played by Ryan Phillippe.

For me, this new love interest definitely drew in some confusion, especially when it was revealed that the child she's carrying was conceived by Boyle.

And given Boyle's intense feelings towards this new situation, it could be argued that maybe he's jealous.

Laverne Holt and Lieutenant Hawkins: strong women

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has never shied away from strong, independent women who kick ass and make names in whatever field they're in. So it shouldn't surprise anyone when the show finally introduced Holt's mother, Laverne Holt (i.e.

the creator) and Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins, a highly decorative and well-respected officer who even Rosa gushes over.

Laverne was a definite keeper for me! Especially her interactions with Peralta, Andy Samberg's character. But Lt. Hawkins? She's a different and more intricate story to tell.

Essentially, Jake and Rosa caught a juicy fish when it was revealed that Hawkins was actually behind the bank robbings and is actually a dirty cop.

So what happens next? Our detectives go through the lengths and motions of gaining her trust to have it turned around with Hawkins pinning the whole scandal on them.

The season finale leaves the viewers with Jake and Rosa going to jail, even after enlisting the entire squad's help.

So why continue?

If you're like me, you'd continue because it's a cliffhanger! Cliffhangers are the worst and it's because they do their job: they leave you wanting more! But if cliffhangers aren't enough, let's think about all the past reasons why anyone started watching "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and continued:

  • A gay, black police captain that isn't defined by his sexuality or race
  • Likewise, a high-commanding black sergeant who's also an emotionally sensitive person
  • Two strong Latina who aren't defined by their race and excel at their jobs
  • A Jewish main character who is also an avid feminist

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has never shied away from calling out flaws from each character as well as societal and political problems that still have a presence to this day.

So continue out of loyalty or out of sheer curiosity. Continue because you want to follow how this show has evolved from its pilot episode and even its first season.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is set to return this Fall (2017).