The rumor mill was quite active in spreading the word that “Little People. Big World” star Matt Roloff was looking to buy property in Arizona, where he recently traveled to do readings for his children’s book entitled “Little Lucy, Big Race.”

Radar Online seemingly scooped the story from a “source,” a person who was not identified but who was supposedly in-the-know. Regardless of how much the “source” truly knows, the person knew that Matt was looking to buy property in Arizona.

At this time, only one detail was confirmed. Matt addressed the question, at the center of the rumored move, on social media when someone quizzed whether the fodder was true.

The person, according to the Hollywood Gossip, wanted to know if Matt is really aiming for Arizona. There are conflicting reports, however, whether he answered on Facebook or on Twitter, while his posts about his time in Arizona were penned on Instagram.

TLC star is buying a home in Arizona

Despite the actual social media platform that Matt used to convey his answer, the outcome remains that he is buying a home in the state famous for lizards and cactus, the Grand Canyon, and harmonic convergence in Sedona. He noted that he’s “in the processof buying a home in Arizona, Radar Online quoted.

From a one-line sentence, people deduced that Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn, are moving roughly 1200 miles away from the Roloff family farm in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Moving eliminates the possibility that he is looking to purchase a home in Arizona and become a snowbird, retiring and staying in a warmer climate during winter months. Matt did not say he is definitely moving. He said he is purchasing a home.

Leaving Oregon would equal leaving behind a lifestyle

Leaving Oregon permanently would likely mean the sale of the family farm, which he put decades into turning into a business.

Will he walk away from it? Will he expect Amy to buy him out or to sell? Will he feel comfortable with knowing that his grandchildren will not grow up as his four children did, enjoying the pace and the place they spent so many years of their lives?

As far-fetched as it may seem, there are people who see another side of the Arizona chapter in Matt’s life.

Someone people are commenting on media sites that the rumor, the confirmation, and the process help keep “Little People, Big World” relevant during filming downtime. Expressed a bit more harshly, one person speculated in the comments section of the Hollywood Gossip that the events could bolster ratings for the show on TLC. Time will determine whether that is true.

Will Matt’s decision close or open another chapter for TLC?

Meanwhile, fans wonder whether “Little People, Big World” will continue. The certainty is that it has not been as it once was – during the pre-divorce episodes. The divorce between Matt and Amy changed the show’s dynamic, entailing separate living arrangements on the family’s farm and dating.

TLC does have an opportunity that could grow from Matt’s decision to purchase a home in Arizona. The reality show has the potential to tape in two states. Doing so could make for more interesting storylines, going beyond the day-to-day life of divorced people. Fans and followers may even see more of Matt’s dog, Little Lucy.

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