The latest episode of “Teen Mom 2” that aired on Monday, May 7, put Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, on the hot seat while hitting the hot button topic of child abuse. The allegations of abuse also fueled the ongoing feud between Jenelle and her co-star Kailyn Lowry.

David, as fans and even casual viewers likely recall, was fired from MTV following disparaging, bigoted remarks he posted openly on his social media. Subsequent to his termination by MTV, he posted a photo of a gun-toting Jenelle. His timing was as impeccably flawed as his lack of apology or empathy for the victims and survivors of the school shooting at a Parkland, FL, high school on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Baby daddy number two, Nathan, ignites abuse accusations over his son

On Monday’s episode of “Teen Mom 2,” Jenelle’s ex boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, leveled child abuse allegations against David. He claimed that Jenelle’s husband hits Kaiser. Nathan, as most viewers know, is the father of Jenelle’s second son Kaiser. Baby daddy two, however, did not act on his suspected abuse beliefs. Instead, his mother (Doris Davidson) filed court documents for an emergency custody order.

Of course, the accusations and court filing took place some time ago since the episode was also taped a while back. That stated, Doris told the court via documents that her grandson Kaiser had been bruised at times and that he was left outside when it was too hot.

She accused David of abuse and Jenelle of neglect.

Kailyn reacted to the abuse accusations on social media

As the episode aired, cast member Kailyn Lowry, who is the mother of three young sons, posted on her Twitter account. She tweeted about the claims Nathan and Doris made concerning Kaiser. Kailyn believes that any talk of alleged neglect of a child raises “red flags.”

The effect of Kailyn delving into the topic of potential abuse head-on is that fans and followers soon chimed in, expressing their views and wondering what stance or responsibility MTV bears when there are allegations of abuse made relating to cast members.

Grandmother Barbara joins the fray of abuse accusers

It’s not fair, though, for anyone to single out Kailyn.

Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s mother, also spoke out to Radar Online during the broadcast of the episode. Her doing so probably will not help heal wounds in her relationship with Jenelle -- who shared her fear about Barbara on the show. Jenelle is worried that her mother will do as she did with Jace and seek custody of Kaiser and Ensley.

In speaking with Radar Online, Barbara essentially corroborated Doris’ opinion that Kaiser was abused by David. Jenelle’s mother said that she, too, has seen Kaiser bruised. Barbara, however, took it to a whole new level when she told Radar that she believes that David wants Kaiser out of the home.

Does David want Jenelle’s sons out of the family home?

With Kaiser living elsewhere, as Barbara speculated, only David’s children would be in the home.

OK! Reality TV noted that Jenelle reportedly broke down before MTV producers and expressed that she has nightmares about the prospect of losing her sons to her mom.

With plentiful rumors and accusations hovering over reality show cast members, it would be impossible to know whether to give credence to claims made about David and abusive conduct toward Kaiser. Whether true or not, the fact is that Jenelle evidently did not lose custody of her son. He has been photographed with her in the time since the episode was taped.

The timing of Kailyn’s response to the accusations indicates that she and Jenelle still have it in for one another. CafeMom noted that their “feud is alive and well.”

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