The outcome of the disorderly intoxication legal situation, following her December 2017 arrest in Palm Beach Florida, is no longer looming for Luann de Lesseps. Luann stars on Bravo’s "Real Housewives of New York.” She is also referred to as “the Countess.” Call her anything but don’t call her guilty of four felonies that she originally faced.

The effect of a plea deal on Friday, May 25, is that Luann owned up to the misdemeanor charges of disorderly intoxication (she was drunk) and trespassing. Felony charges will be dropped during a court date slated for July.

Luann will be off the hook for the felony charges, which included resisting arrest, battery on a law enforcement officer, and disorderly intoxication.

She did not appear in court on Friday, but that did not hinder the plea deal from taking root. The Daily Mail (UK) crystallized the case plea agreement adeptly when it ingrained the lyrics of Luann’s song in relaying the outcome of the hearing. “Money can’t buy you class,” the Daily Mail wrote, but coins sure helped Luann afford the lawyers, who assisted her in escaping the full brunt of the criminal charges leveled against her in December.

The likelihood of Luann making a court appearance in July for the plea conference is slim, considering she was a no-show in court on Friday, as well.

That’s what happens when a star makes big bank and pays a legal team for representation. After her defense team sees the plea agreement entered formally by the court, Luann is clear of the original four felonies.

Luann didn’t hurt her case in going public

Let’s face the facts, too. Luann didn’t hurt her case or her ability to convince the court that she felt repentant after the happenings in Florida that led to her arrest.

She entered treatment not too long after she went to the slammer for a short time. The Countess did the right thing.

She also appeared on “The Dr.

Oz Show.” Luann didn’t have to do that but chose to face Dr. Oz and his audience while she was probably still feeling the effects of the self-humiliation resulting from her arrest and a brief stint in a holding cell. Luann could also have been telling the truth when she relayed what happened in the hours before her arrest.

The reality star was with a friend at lunch when they shared a bottle of Whisper Angel, light pink rose wine. Plus, “there were fans around,” as Us Weekly pointed out. The fans ordered some drinks for Luann, which she did consume.

The ‘Real Housewives’ star accepted drinks from strangers

Once she left lunch, she does not recall anything leading to her arrest. Luann said thinks someone might have slipped her drugs.

Now, that is possible. People are warned all the time to be careful who buys a drink, where the drink is left, and that it never be left unattended. If someone slipped her something, they contributed to her state of intoxication and apparent blackout.

That Luann suffered the self-imposed humiliation resulting from her own decision in accepting alcohol from strangers is punishment. Add to that, there was also the layering of public shame after the video of her in the patrol unit and her mug shot got released for the world to see. More punishment. Sweating it out until the plea agreement was hashed out is additional punishment, too. The best that is possible to result is she learned from her mistake, a huge one, and a costly one.

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