''This Is Us'' is perhaps one of the most spectacular TV series drama in recent years. Launched less than two years ago, the show managed to climb up the audience ladder at a staggering pace. Although it's safe to say that NBC hit the jackpot by coming up with such a stunning narrative design, nothing would've been possible without the amazing cast that added yet another unique nuance to the show.

Mandy Moore (she plays Rebecca Pearson) and Milo Ventimiglia (he embodies Jack Pearson) are the very foundation of the show, the key elements that help things happen.

Although Rebecca had her fair share on the sideline, her character always exhale power, respect and other unique features.

Rebecca Pearson cannot escape the death trap

''This Is Us'' is not a common TV series drama as it's narrative construct has a unique kind of dynamism attached to it. While we may have already been used to travel back and forth throughout those timelines, we might not have acquired the skills to control the emotional intake that comes with it.

When it comes to Rebecca Pearson in particular, it's not hard to anticipate that her death is just a timeline click away. But that's up to the show's writers and the third season might come with a hint or two in that direction. Or it won't at all.

The narrative thickness barely allows us to take a sneak peak on what lies beyond the curtain.

At this point, when it comes to we know for sure is that the present timeline has Rebecca as an old woman. Any significant leap into the future means that we can be placed when her death occurs.

The show did make a leap into the future, a timeline where Rebecca Pearson is nowhere to be found.

But there was no direct mention of her wellbeing during that temporal jump.

The eventual death would be painful and dramatic

At this point, is unclear whether or not those in charge with the script will choose to pursue Rebecca Pearson's death thread. If, however, they'll choose to do so, the chances are that we'll witness some heavily loaded episodes at some point in the future.

After all, both pain and drama are part of the unique cocktail that gives ''This Is Us'' taste and color.

Jack Pearson's death was the pinnacle of the previous season. The intensity that wrapped up that singular event went through the roof. Therefore, it's easy to assume that a similar course will be set when that final bell will ring for Rebecca Pearson.

In the meantime, we have nothing to do but to sit tight and wait for the third season to hit those proverbial airwaves.