Jon Gosselin, father of eight, shared photos on social media of a road trip he enjoyed with his daughter Hannah.

Fans are happy for Jon. He has not seen much of his children following his divorce from his ex-wife, Kate.

He posted pictures on his Instagram account, as did Hannah, of their trip.

One of the photos is of Jon with Hannah at a restaurant having Mexican food. The photo, according to People TV, was taken in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, which is reportedly Jon’s hometown. Hannah also posted a video on her Instagram, commenting on having “so much fun” during the week with her father.

Fans offer support and words of encouragement

Fans posted support, in addition to advice, and poignant words of encouragement to Hannah after watching her video.

Seeing the duo having fun together feels bittersweet for fans who have followed the Gosselins from the days when TLC introduced the family on “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

After the reality show ended and the new series aired, viewers were just as excited to see “Kate Plus 8.” Fans welcomed the Gosselins into their homes via television and grew to love watching the children on their family adventures and growing up.

Of course, Jon and Kate were most directly affected when they parted ways. When the couple divorced, however, fans lost out after receiving a window into their lives for several years.

People missed seeing how their children were doing and how the parents were coping and raising eight children.

For the longest time, it seemed that the only thing fans were left seeing was Jon and Kate tearing at each other and embarking on a bitter custody dispute, as Radar Online noted. Amazement with how Jon and Kate could keep it together in the midst of raising a large family turned to disappointment and, then, curiosity.

Gosselin sextuplets only knew life with cameras before the divorce

Viewers wanted to know what would happen next in such a public divorce, how visitations would work, and would the children be okay? For any child to go through parent's divorcing is difficult, yet what made it all the more painful for fans was realizing that the Gosselins eight children had been growing up for so long before cameras and reporters.

The sextuplets didn’t know life without TLC's cameras.

As the shows faded, the reality of a heated custody battle settled in and fans knew all was not okay for the children. Life would not be the same, especially not for the Gosselin family, and particularly not for Collin. Fans didn’t know where he was, only that he wasn’t living at home.

Cherry-picking what is ripe for public consumption

Kate Gosselin did not, and still has not, cited details about Collin’s whereabouts. She probably should not do so, regardless of fans wanting assurance that he is safe and healthy. What Kate did find appropriate to disclose for public consumption is that Collin doesn’t live at home.

He is living away from his parents and siblings as an effect of his “special needs.” Super.

Don’t share much, but drop a bombshell that should be a facet of his right to privacy.

In light of how little fans see of the Gosselin's children these days, fans are thrilled that Hannah appears to be happy. Seeing photos of the father-daughter road trip provided the visual assurance that she is okay.

Fans share sorrow, effects of divorce

Even knowing that, fans still have a shared sorrow that the children have been affected by divorce. One of the most dramatic effects is displayed on the very same social media account that reflects joy for Jon after seeing Collin and Hannah around their birthday and, more recently, his road trip with Hannah. There are so few photos of Jon with any of his children – until this month.

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