When people are in the public eye, there is much made of the moves they make in life. Right now, Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler, his girlfriend, are the focus of word circulating that they are relocating from the Roloff’s family farm located in Hillsboro, Oregon.

The couple has been approximately 1,200 miles from home lately, staying at digs in Surprise, Arizona, Radar Online reported. As “Little People, Big World” fans could easily predict, an unnamed insider (no shock, there) has stated to media that Matt and Caryn are contemplating a huge move that would include purchasing property near Phoenix.

Source says star is eyeing property near Phoenix

Matt, 56, could be moving to a retirement community? That is what the source is telling Radar Online. It is conceivable that he may want to relax more, kick back, and see if is adult children want to embrace the opportunity to take on additional tasks at the beloved family farm in Oregon. Roloff Farm, after all, has been the touchstone and central to so many episodes of “Little People, Big World.”

If the purpose of a move is to reduce stress, work less and relax more, why would Matt want to start from ground zero all over again?

Buying property near the Phoenix area would not be a vacation, but possibly a place to go for getaways. The source didn’t spell out Matt’s plans in great detail, however.

A pool photo is not proof that TLC cast member is moving

Retirement and Roloff may not go hand-in-hand right now, but, as fans realize never say never following the divorce from longtime wife Amy.

That Matt posted a photo of a pool in Arizona still is not proof-positive that he is planning to make a monumental move with Caryn, 50, even though Radar’s source is saying that relocation is in motion. He captioned the photo on his Instagram account, “Getting a little pool time in Arizona.”

There is an alternate reason for Matt’s trip to Arizona, which Radar did note, too.

He is reading from “Little Lucy, Big Race,” a children’s book he created. If the source is correct and if Matt is planning to move away from the Oregon landscape, “Little People, Big World” could be nearing its end on TLC.

The show is premised on the Roloff family. Filming has primarily taken place on their farm, depicting how Little People can do the same things, but differently, in a Big World as people who are average height.

Would a big move by Matt mean the end the show?

The Roloff’s only daughter Molly has moved away from the family’s home. Their son Jacob has not had interest in participating in the program for a long while now. That leaves Zach and Jeremy, who could potentially take over the responsibility of the farm.

A potential drawback, however, is that their twin sons are building their own lives and futures with their wives and babies. Do their plans include a move back home?

That the reality show was on a long break from filming could indicate that the show is fizzling in the minds of TLC producers, according to the Hollywood Gossip. While there has been chatter about Matt moving, the general consensus among fans was that he would build somewhere on the existing property, but not be moving so terribly far from the home and farm he established over so many years of his life.

At this time, it is pure speculation whether Matt will be leaving Oregon and making a permanent home in Arizona. TLC could plan a spinoff that features Matt rebuilding his life post-divorce and a massive move.

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