Over the weekend, Jill Duggar shared a recent tragedy that happened to a family friend.

On her Instagram account, the former "Counting On" star narrated how Dylan and Dianna Fleshman, the Duggars' friends from Oklahoma, met a terrible accident while driving to Minnesota.

According to Jill, Dianna sustained a fractured skull and major head trauma and is now on maximum life support.

The Duggar family responds, sets-up a GoFundMe account

Jill posted a screenshot of the fundraiser they've set-up for their friends and asked her followers to pray and give.

The Duggar family is asking for $68,000 to cover medical expenses. The fundraiser is up on GoFundMe.com and is entitled "Fleshman Family Tragedy." John Duggar (Jim Bob and Michelle's second eldest son) is listed as the creator of the campaign.

Many Duggar friends and fans have responded. Within a day, the fundraiser has gotten more than 100 donations amounting to over $10,000. Jim Bob Duggar is listed with the highest donation of $1,000. Jessa's husband, Ben Seewald, also gave $150.

Despite the outpouring of support from people, the Fleshmans are facing a grim prognosis. John Duggar gave a recent update that their friend has been declared 100 percent brain dead.

"[Doctors] said she cannot, medically speaking, come back from this.

Her heart will eventually stop, they did not give a timeline," John Duggar stated in his update. "We are praying for God to restore her brain, a true miracle. They said her brain has swelled so much that it's coming down out of the spinal cord opening."

Jill Duggar's post gets bashed

While the "Counting On" family certainly had good intentions in asking for donations to help their friend, Jill Duggar got slammed yet again for her IG post.

Many critics took the opportunity to point out that this isn't the first time for a Duggar Family member to ask followers for money online. They noted how Jill and her husband Derick Dillard used to have their own fundraiser campaign when they were working as overseas missionaries.

"Why not donate the money your husband collected for his FAILED missionary trip?

Knowing that YOU have scammed $$$$ already is going to make anyone hesitant to donate to any cause you're preaching," one critic replied.

Others pointed out that Jim Bob Duggar could easily shell out cash to help out his friend. They noted that the "19 Kids and Counting" patriarch owns several properties and does not need to ask strangers for money. As one critic wrote, "$68,000 is a drop in the bucket for the Duggars."

Jill and her family have not responded to the hate comments. Meanwhile, other Duggar family members have also donated to the cause. This includes Ben Seewald, Jessa's husband, who gave $150. Dwain Swanson, Josiah Duggar's soon-to-be father-in-law, also donated $500.