Jacob Roloff may not be on his family's long-running reality show, but the 21-year-old is giving "Little People, Big World" fans a more in-depth glimpse of his personal life. Jacob has written another book--his second to date--entitled "Out To See," which will be available for purchase on Tuesday, May 29.

On Sunday, Jacob went live on Instagram to announce the release of his new book. According to the former reality star, "Out To See" is a collection of personal essays about his thoughts on religion and philosophy.

Jacob Roloff shares intimate reflections on his 'thick Christian background'

Jacob, Matt and Amy Roloff's youngest son, quit his family's reality show when he turned 18. Back then, he was very vocal about his rants against the TV show and wrote a lengthy blog post about it. Because of this, many "LPBW" fans regarded him as the black sheep of the tight-knit Roloff family.

Now three years older, Jacob has seemingly reconciled with his family and their decision to share their lives on television. In his new book, the youngest Roloff sibling promised to explore his coming-of-age reflections with more "reverence and understanding." Jacob admitted that his "thick Christian background" has greatly affected his growth and confessed that his previous rants simply stemmed from his "rebellious antics" as a teenager.

The book's description reads as follows:

  • "The author comes from a thick Christian background, and this is his beginning attempt to break out of that mold, without the unnecessary tension that usually comes with it. He approaches the topic with reverence and understanding, much to the side of his robust and rebellious antics of younger years."

Will Jacob return to 'Little People, Big World'?

In December, Jacob announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend Izzy Rock.

The entire Roloff family celebrated the happy news, and Jacob has been spending more time with his family now that he's back at the Roloff Farms.

Unfortunately for "LPBW" fans, it is highly unlikely that Jacob will be making a TV comeback anytime soon. If there was any chance of seeing a big Roloff family reunion on screen, it would have been during Molly's wedding where Jacob was in attendance.

However, the current season of "Little People, Big World" skipped this momentous family affair, perhaps at Molly's request. Matt and Amy's very private daughter has also departed from the show since she left home for college. The family-oriented show now focuses on the lives of Matt and Amy post-divorce, as well as their twins Zach and Jeremy's growing families.

"Little People, Big World" airs every Tuesday, 9 PM on TLC.