Longtime viewers of, first, “19 Kids and Counting” and, then, its spin-off, “Counting On,” are very much aware of the friendship that the Duggar and Bates families have enjoyed. Enjoyed is the operative term since Derick Dillard married Duggar daughter Jill. Periodically, TLC aired episodes when the families even grouped for a project, such as when the Bates family was treated to home renovations, a surprise from the Duggars. The two families have several things in common aside from having the same number of children, Romper has reported.

Each supersize family is also practicing evangelical Christians.

Additionally, many people who watch TLC and “Counting On” realize that the Bates family is presented on “Bringing Up Bates.” The Duggars (minus son-in-law Derick Dillard and son Josh Duggar) have TLC and the Bates have the UP Network, Celebrity Insider pointed out.

Derick’s views take precedence for him over Duggar family friends

The Bates and Duggars, for the most part, seem to have no issues between them. However, it could be, as fans and as both Celebrity Insider and In Touch Weekly have reported: Fans discern that the Bates do not seem quite as close to the Duggars in the days prior to when Derick Dillard took to social media to pitch his narrow-minded views about Jazz Jennings and additional topics.

While the Duggars are now a part of Derick’s family, due to his marriage to Duggar daughter Jill, the Bates do not have to put up any front publicly when it comes to Derick. They can still maintain their friendship with the Duggars yet avoid the fans’ dissent over controversial words by Derick and the unlawful acts (molestation) committed by Josh Duggar against his sisters and a family friend or babysitter.

Quite possibly, the Bates family is more deserving of attention, such as when a son or daughter married, than the Duggars received when son-in-law Derick couldn’t manage to keep his thoughts to himself about transgender teen Jazz Jennings.

An adult picking on a teen is wrong and inappropriate

Just in case Derick missed it when going on his homophobic Twitter tirade, his bigoted attack targeted a teenage girl.

So wrong on so many levels. Chiefly, an adult picking on a teen is not appropriate. Secondly, to make someone the object of contempt based on gender issues is not right. But again, she is a teen, another of TLC’s stars central to the program “I Am Jazz.”

While TLC and “Counting On” fans do know that TLC severed ties with Derick after his social media rant, what might not be measurable to people outside of the Duggar and Bates families is the extent to which the Bates might have put distance between themselves and their friends, the Duggars.

Consequences of uncontrolled social media statements

Fans and media agencies noted that there have been repercussions that extend beyond TLC cutting Derick loose.

Ben Sewald, for example, stopped following Derick on social media. That surely cannot be good for family relations, since Ben is married to Jessa Duggar, Jill’s sister. The Bates also no longer follow Derick on social media. Ouch. The distancing is a discernable effect of Derick’s free-flowing Twitter and Instagram posts.

Derick undoubtedly leaves fans to question whether he understands how his words hurt people and his own spiritual posturing. The aim of religion is to welcome people, not put off people before they have accepted an invitation to explore ideas beliefs on a deeper level.

Jill’s husband has created a chasm between social media etiquette and drilling home his position, which reflects intolerance toward others.

In a recent Instagram post, Derick included a photo of his three-year-old son Israel. He captioned the photo by stating that his small son was helping President Trump “build” the border “wall.”

The photo itself was cute, a sweet picture of his son playing with building blocks. Why take away from his son’s innocence by politicizing the photo?

Fans such as @apriltoe2 responded to his Instagram message, noting: “how incredibly insensitive. 1,000 other captions you could have typed out and THAT is what you chose? Really disappointing.” Others pointed out that the focus should have been on Israel and not on Derick’s commentary.

TLC, the Bates family, and fans made the correct decision in creating distance between themselves and Derick.

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