Jill and Derick Dillard have been going through a rough time lately. TLC cut ties with Derick and he won't be on the show "Counting On" at all. The couple shared that they set up their own non-profit after they came back to the United States from going on mission trips. It turns out that In Touch Weekly is sharing that this was actually shut down and not just closed by the Dillard family.

Dillard Family Ministries is over

At this time, Jill and Derick Dillard aren't talking about the fact that the Dillard Family Ministries has been shut down. It turns out that late last summer they stopped taking donations.

Before that, the Dillards had been posting constantly asking fans if they would like to donate to them. Of course, some people were donating and others were mad that they were asking for money.

The spokesperson for Arkansas Secretary of State talked to Radar Online and they were able to find out the details about it being shut down. In August Jill and Derick did admit that they were shutting it down, but they didn't explain why or what was going on. The spokesperson shared saying, "The company was dissolved on February 8, 2018, by the Board of Directors." It sounds like it wasn't up to Jill and Derick, but instead that the board made this decision. The fans would love to know exactly why they made that choice and that part hasn't been shared.

Derick still tries to raise money

This hasn't stopped Derick Dillard from trying to raise money for what he thinks are good causes, though. Derick was asking for money for their new church not very long ago. He tried to raise $6,500 for ministries. Derick explained saying it would be used for various things "including trips for Gospel-advancement and humanitarian work in Northwest Arkansas, North America, and abroad." This fundraiser was also eventually shut down and Derick wasn't able to raise the money.

Derick Dillard has now been fired from the show "Counting On" and doesn't seem to have a job. It is really unknown what he is doing besides helping his church with missions. Derick hasn't worked in an actual job in a really long time.

Are you surprised to hear that Jill and Derick Dillard's non-profit was shut down? Do you think this was the best decision?

Don't miss the new episodes of "Counting On" when it comes back to TLC this summer with a new season. It has been revealed that the show will be back, but an exact return date hasn't been announced yet.