Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been married a while and have 19 children together. In Touch Weekly shared that they didn't start their relationship the way that they have their children do it now. These two actually have their kids not even kiss until they get married. While they are courting, they have to have a chaperone around, but Jim Bob and Michelle didn't do it that way. It is a bit surprising to fans because they assumed that Jim Bob and Michelle courted just like the kids do.

The way this couple did things

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have told their children that they actually waited to have sex until they got married, but they did kiss and do other things before marriage.

Jill actually explained it in a video that just came back up again. She said, "So my parents, they um, did the traditional dating. So when they were engaged, they spent a lot of time alone together. They said they saved intimacy for marriage, but they kissed." It is obvious they didn't have a chaperone with them all the time like they expect their kids to do. Jill shared that her parents wish they had shared a bit more, so maybe that is why it is different for their children. Michelle also used to wear bikinis and now the girls don't even wear a normal swimsuit because it shows off too much skin.

Duggars courting now

The Duggar kids actually court now and don't kiss before marriage. They first get to know each other, then they start a courtship, then engagement and then a wedding.

They do things all the same no matter if it is a Duggar boy or girl that is in a relationship. They don't hold hands until they are engaged and they don't kiss until their wedding day. Their friends the Bates also court, but they don't have near as strict of rules as the Duggars do.

For now, there are a few rumors that some of the kids have done things their own way, but it has never been revealed for sure.

Nobody has fought against them and let the world know that they were kissing or doing anything before marriage. You can tell that they wait and most of them end up getting pregnant on their honeymoon or very soon after once they start being intimate with each other.

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