A lot of fans were shocked to see that Brittany Cartwright took back Jax Taylor after he cheated on her with Faith. The couple from "Vanderpump Rules" is still together even though fans saw Jax dump her on the show. Us Weekly shared that Brittany is defending her choice to stay with him and also saying they are doing great now. This couple is back together and it sounds like better than ever. The season we just saw was filmed several months ago, but the reunions were filmed a lot more recently.

Brittany knows people are surprised she stayed with him

A lot of people can't believe that Brittany and Jax are still together. He has cheated on her, dumped her and isn't always nice to her, but she loves him anyway. Cartwright recently went to her Twitter to share how things are and defend staying with Jax after everything. She said, "It’s so crazy that 3 years ago I met Jax in Vegas. Never would I have imagined my life to be like it is today. We def. have our ups& downs, but today we are happier than ever. I know people are skeptical & think I’m cray for sticking around but I know I did the right thing for me." Brittany Cartwright actually made the big move to LA simply so she could be with Jax.

This has changed her entire life and is the reason she is on "Vanderpump Rules."

Don't miss the reunion

Brittany Cartwright is making it sound like the fans might see something on the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion to make them understand it a bit more. She explained that people can change. Jax has been through a lot recently with the loss of his dad and maybe he is not taking her for granted anymore.

It really does look like she is happy to be with him and hopefully, he is treating her a bit better now.

Right now, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright haven't even admitted that they are engaged, but she has made it very clear that she wants to marry him at some point. Hopefully, one day Jax will end up proposing and she will get what the marriage she has always dreamed of.

She has also shared that she wants to have children someday in the future. Jax has made it sound like if he ever does get married it will be to her, but he seems to be taking his sweet time to take that next step with her.

Are you surprised to hear that Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor are doing so well? Do you think these two will ever get married? Don't miss the big "Vanderpump Rules" reunion, which will air the next couple of weeks on Bravo. This is going to be pretty explosive.