According to Den of Geek!, Netflix started filming season 2 of "The Oa" in January 2018, which means we may see new episodes of this surprise science fiction hit by the end of the year. For many fans of this strikingly original show, the arrival of season 2 will come as a relief, with the hope that some of the Netflix series' larger questions may be answered.

'The OA' is a riddle

For many fans, Netflix's "The OA" is a story woven with riddles that they may hope season 2 of the series will answer. The story follows the odyssey of Missouri woman Prairie Griffith (played by Brit Marling).

After many years missing, Prairie (once blind) returns home with her vision miraculously intact. She is not keen on telling her parents the details of her multi-year captivity by a mad scientist of sorts, the ever-creepy Dr. Hunter Aloysius Percy (played by Jason Isaacs). But she shares the story with trusted others, acolytes who she will recruit for a special and mysterious project of inter-dimensional travel. According to Prairie's story, Dr. Percy, nicknamed Hap, is fascinated with near death experiences, and holds her and four other subjects in a cave for years, repeatedly drowning them and reviving them while recording their experiences with strange equipment.

During their own near-death experiences, the subjects in "The OA" learn "movements" by eating such things as insects and fish.

These "movements" somehow integrate into their consciousness, and Prairie believes that the "movements" can, when performed in a five-part sequence, transport the subjects away from the cave laboratory and into another dimension where they will be safe.

Netflix is getting good at producing uniquely creepy but believable plots, as was the case with "Stranger Things." Prairie tells the story of her captivity, and her post-captivity plans for inter-dimensional travel, not to her parents, but rather to a group of students (and one of their teachers) in an abandoned house.

In the end, Prairie's story, however dark, however strange, redeems the characters that hear it. And, in a climactic moment, the story and the "movements" save a cafeteria full of students from a school shooter.

Is Prairie's story in 'The OA' true?

Brit Marling as Prairie is convincingly genuine in the telling of the story of her captivity, but certain facts do not seem to add up.

We are left wondering whether or not Prairie's story is true, or if it is the psychotic delusion of a young woman who endured years of abuse. But most importantly, "The OA" leaves us with an even greater question that moves the soul: does it even matter if Prairie's story is true, as long as we choose to believe? It seems that, on some level, choosing to believe in Prairie's story, and in the power of the "movements," is redemptive.

The truth is out there

Den of Geek! reports that series co-creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij know exactly what is happening in the storyline and have intentionally made "The OA" a riddle to be solved. Apparently there are clues in season 1 which the discerning viewer can identify to get closer to the truth.

This is no "X-Files" or "Lost," where the answer is elusive. The big question is whether season 2 will reveal the truth, or simply provide us with more clues, more questions, and a fantastic mystery for fans to solve.