The Duggar family does a lot of things to make money including buying and selling cars and of course, they have their reality show "Counting On." Now it is being revealed that the Duggars have started a new business venture, that is totally different. No word on if they will show it on "Counting On," but they do seem to keep their jobs off the show.

Duggars working on their new business

This new business venture is an RV Park. It turns out that they are working on getting the land zoned so that it can be commercial and they can get this going. It will be in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

A neighbor, Renwick Hudson, explained saying, "At this location, from my perspective, not ideal. It butts right up against some of the areas that are already vulnerable to future development."

Andrew Garner — planning director for Fayetteville, makes it sound like he thinks it is all going to work out for the Duggars. Once they get the area rezoned, then they can go ahead and get their RV park going. The permit has been approved, but they still don't have the entire green light. This will be a big job, but Jim Bob can probably handle it and maybe some of the boys are helping him. Once the RV park is open, it will not be that hard to keep up with the business.

The Duggars are thinking ahead

The Duggars are being smart and thinking ahead it sounds like right now.

Their show "Counting On" is still around, but "19 Kids and Counting" was canceled. They seem to realize that reality television might not be around forever. By getting a few other things going, when they lose that income they will still have something. They can also use it to give jobs to the boys if that is something they need in the future.

It is smart to realize that they need to have other things going on just in case the show comes to an end.

Josh Duggar and Derick Dillard have already lost their reality television paychecks. Jim Bob Duggar has made it very clear that he does like to take care of his family. Josh has been working selling cars since he isn't on the show anymore.

Anna does still show up from time to time, so she may make a bit of money from reality television.

What do you think of the new business venture for the Duggars? Don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns to TLC this summer. They have already shared that the show is coming back, but an exact return date isn't here yet. It will be really exciting with new babies on the way and another wedding coming.