Jenelle Evans has reportedly decided to bail on the upcoming "Teen Mom 2" reunion, scheduled to take place in New York City this weekend -- according to In Touch reports. Jenelle Evans is choosing to steer clear of the drama she has created thus far during the Season 8A reunion, according to IT's "Teen Mom" source.

Jenelle Evans continues pushing MTV producers

It has been a dramatic year so far for Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason when it comes to the reality series. As previously reported, in February, things really began to escalate for Jenelle following a Valentine's Day photo share of Jenelle and David posing with guns following the Parkland, Florida shooting.

Fans believed the photos were "inappropriate" and insensitive to the victims and their families so soon after the tragedy.

Is David Eason behind Jenelle's attitude?

One ugly comment after the next led Jenelle's husband David Eason into a social media homophobic rant that ended quite badly, with MTV firing Eason from the popular reality series. Jenelle went to bat for David, with a list of demands for the network that put her filming on hold and left her waiting for a decision regarding her future with MTV.

Things were worked out at the time and Jenelle began filming, sans David Eason. However, the near termination from the series has not deterred Jenelle from continuing to stir the drama pot.

The report also reveals that since MTV has refused to budge regarding her list of demands surrounding the reunion, she has decided to skip out on filming also.

Some of Evans' demands included that the network also pays for David Eason's travel expenses to NYC so he could be with Jenelle. David is banned from the reunion set, but Jenelle feels that they should accommodate her demands if they want her there.

At this time MTV is holding firm, and Jenelle claims no David, no Jenelle. It is a real standoff between the two parties. However, if Jenelle refuses to budge on this one, MTV will have a lot of explaining to do as far as her absence is concerned.

The stage is set for one of the most explosive and dramatic reunions yet, with or without Jenelle Evans.

There have also been a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding the "Teen Mom 2" series, with Leah, Kailyn, and Chelsea all rumored to be thinking about quitting the series because of Jenelle Evans' antics. It looks like Jenelle has quickly become the new Farrah Abraham. Time will tell if Jenelle Evans suffers the same fate.

Either way, fans are not going to want to miss out on all the drama unfolding here. Stay tuned for the latest updates and news on all your favorite "Teen Mom" franchise cast members.