Farrah Abraham had no problem flashing her moneymaker while walking the Red Carpet at the Cannes Film Festival according to TMZ reports. The former "Teen Mom OG" star made sure she causally shifted the high slit of her long skirt to the side shamelessly showing off her rejuvenated designer lady parts for all to see.

Freestyle Farrah Abraham strikes again

Despite some media sites referring to Farrah Abraham's recent exposure as a "wardrobe malfunction" it appears the adult entertainment star knew exactly what she was doing when she moved her dress past her thigh revealing her lack of undergarments.

As previously reported, in April Farrah Abraham live streamed her recent surgical procedure [VIDEO] telling her followers that she felt it was "educational."

Sophia gets up close and personal with mom

However, it was not the vaginal procedure that really upset fans or the fact that she shared the personal moment live. It was that her 9-year-old daughter Sophia was present the entire time. Farrah's social media followers immediately began attacking the 26-year-old mom over what they believed to be yet another bad parenting choice made by the young mother.

Abraham clapped back at the negative comments stating that she doesn't see broadcasting the medical procedure as something she — or her daughter — should be ashamed of.

The nine-year-old Sophia also just recently witnessed her mother receiving butt injections, as well, giving followers another reason to discredit her mom's parenting.

The former "Teen Mom" has grown quite accustomed to defending her actions whether they involve her career or parenting choices. In February, Farrah defended herself, once again, after revealing that she had nude photos of her daughter Sophia on her cell phone, and Sophia had nude pictures of her on her phone as well.

Abraham claims that it is the norm at her house that she and her daughter run around naked at their home.

Many are greatly concerned that Farrah is treating, and exposing Sophia to too many adult and potentially dangerous activities at too young of an age. Over the years Farrah has also been blasted for Sophia's use of make-up, clothing choices, and social media use.

Can you imagine what Sophia's teen years are going to be like?

Even though Farrah is gone from the franchise, "Teen Mom" viewers are still quite interested in her activities and life choices, especially when it comes to raising her daughter Sophia. It would not be a huge surprise if we don't see this mother and daughter duo engaging in their own reality television series in the future. What are your thoughts on this?