Jenelle Evans' reality television career future with MTV's "Teen Mom" is still unknown at this time. But that hasn't stopped Jenelle from making her demands known to the television executives. Radar Online reports that Jenelle Evans has started pushing MTV. The idle "Teen Mom 2" star reportedly has a list of hefty demands she is making pertaining to her career with "Teen Mom."

Jenelle hires entertainment lawyer

As previously reported, Jenelle's filming segments have been placed on ice since the recent firing of her husband David Eason over his "inappropriate homophobic" Twitter rants last month.

There has been plenty of speculation as to how MTV will handle the "Jenelle" situation. One alleged rumor states that Jenelle is begging the network not to fire her, and another claims that an entirely opposite approach has been taken.

MTV refuses to budge

So far, Evans has already pulled daughter Ensley from the series after the end of the current season, but it looks as if that will not pose an issue for producers at all. Radar's inside sources state that Jenelle has put together an outrageous demand list and has hired an entertainment lawyer to negotiate with the network on her part.

The insider reportedly told Radar that so far, MTV is not budging and do not plan to give in to Evans' "demands." Jenelle reportedly thought she had some leeway after David was terminated and told the network they would no longer be permitted to film on her property unless they paid a tidy sum.

MTV moved filming locations, revealing that "Teen Mom" cast members no longer wanted to film on Jenelle Evans' property after David's display, they also insinuated that they didn't feel very safe there with all the guns, and not being able to trust what David may be capable of doing.

She also wanted David rehired, Which many fans considerable laughable considering how he handled the entire situation.

Bottom line: when Jenelle felt the urge to push MTV, the network pushed back, making it very clear that they would not be backing down in the least when it comes to Jenelle Evans' demands.

As it stands now, Jenelle Evans has no clue when she will, or if she will begin filming "Teen Mom" again, and there are unlimited numbers of young teenage moms who would love to fill her shoes, tell their stories, and all that that entails.

This could be a great lesson for all cast members, nothing lasts for ever and a well-placed back-up plan can save the day in the long run.

What are your thoughts on Jenelle Evans? Did she make a fool of herself with her demands, and should she just face facts that her time with MTV and "Teen Mom" might just be over for good?