"Teen Mom 2" cancellation talk is building and it is all because of the Jenelle Evans drama. New reports from Teen Mom Talk reveal that there is a major concern for the future of the popular MTV Reality Series. The drama centers around one "Teen Mom 2" star in particular and things are getting bad. All "Teen Mom" fans are well aware that for the past few weeks the chaos that is Jenelle's life has continued to worsen.

The hits just keep coming for Jenelle Evans

As previously reported Jenelle Evans is awaiting news on her possible termination from the MTV reality series following a social media scandal brought on by her husband, David Eason.

It all began around Valentine's Day after David and Jenelle posted photos of them posing with guns following the Parkland, Florida shooting. Fans believed the photos were "inappropriate" and insensitive to the victims and their families so soon after the tragedy.

Time to face the music

The photo bashing led to David Eason engaging in a homophobic social media rant which led to MTV firing him from the popular reality series. Since then Jenelle Evans has pleaded his case, asking the network to re-hire him. Evans even hired an entertainment lawyer to send out a list of demands she had for herself and her family pertaining to her filming. However, MTV is playing hardball on this one and has iced Jenelle, and is considering the possibility of firing her also.

Now even more drama is starting to build concerning Jenelle. Jenelle has a number of advertisers whom she works with using her popularity and relationship with "Teen Mom" to promote. This includes a business relationship with Blue Apron. However, many Jenelle haters have now spoken out against the company due to their relationship with Evans.

“I will pass on Blue Apron now that I know you support Jenelle Evans,” one user tweeted at the company. Another user wrote, “By @blueapron having Jenelle Evans as an advertiser for your company is a bad idea. She’s a drug addict who abuses her kids on TV. You just lost my business. Good job. I won’t be the only one. #blueapron #teenmom.”

The Jenelle Evans hate is quickly building and Blue Apron has officially terminated their relationship with her.

This is just another slap in the face for the young mother. Evans' nerves have got to be on edge. Not only is she currently not filming "Teen Mom" and losing major bucks, she is also beginning to lose her side gigs and this is likely putting a strain on her financial status.

It is a shame that David Eason's inability to control his emotions/personal opinions publicly is the thing that started all of this. Most networks have zero tolerance for such behavior these days and David should have paid more attention to how some other reality stars in similar situations have been reprimanded also.

Did Derick Dillard's rants and termination from TLC teach them nothing? MTV has also recently ended their relationship with "Teen Mom OG' star Farrah Abraham, so if anything, Jenelle and David should have been well aware that MTV will not tolerate such behavior.

At this point with advertisers pulling their ads from MTV, this is serious.

As previously stated, the line of young teen moms anxiously awaiting such an opportunity is miles long, and Jenelle Evans can easily be replaced by the next one willing to publicly share their drama for a nice paycheck.

Do you believe MTV will officially fire Jenelle Evans soon?