Let me stipulate that “Timeless” is one of my favorite shows. To be sure, I’m a sucker for dramas about space travel and time travel. The series depicts the fight of a group of time travelers as they try to prevent a vast conspiracy called Rittenhouse from messing up history. It has had some great stories, many of which illuminate historical events that are not well covered in school. Indeed, with the cliffhanger that ended the second season, I fervently hope that the show gets a third season. After what was done to “The Expanse,” I’m pretty sure I don’t want another disappointment.

However, having heaped fulsome praise on “Timeless,” I am obliged to point out something that has bothered me throughout the run of the show. What is Rittenhouse trying to accomplish, besides making history worse than it already was?

Rittenhouse’s strategy

Anyone who has watched the series knows that a typical episode involves Rittenhouse trying to change the outcome of some historical event while our intrepid heroes try to stop them. In one episode the conspiracy is trying to sabotage the Apollo moon landing. In another, they are trying to prevent the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution that gave women the right to vote. In yet another, Rittenhouse attempted to stop a raid on a southern plantation during the Civil War led by Harriet Tubman that freed hundreds of slaves.

However, no one seems to know or care what is being attempted, with the only goal being to sow chaos.

Changing history

Most people have had fantasies about changing history for the better: shoot Hitler, save JFK, or persuade young Barack Obama to go into the ministry. Rittenhouse is trying to change history for the worse. However, no one seems to know what sort of world the conspiracy is trying to create.

Their strategy appears to be scattershot with no rhyme or reason.

What is Rittenhouse up to?

Apparently, if “Timeless” is given a third season, the writers are going to have to start rolling out some reveals. If I were the show-runner, I would reveal that Rittenhouse was created by social justice warriors from the future who are trying to destroy the United States by attacking its history, or, at the very least, make it worse so that it can more easily be taken over.

I would also introduce a counter-Rittenhouse, perhaps in the form of a time police who contact our intrepid heroes and recruit them. Of course, the new organization might have its own agenda as well...