"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that May sweeps will be full of fireworks and drama as the gaslighting of Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) by sinister Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) finally comes to a head. "GH" spoilers reveal that on May 24, Nelle gets all the support that she wants because she fakes paralysis. Is there anything this girl won't pull?

Nelle sets Carly up for attempted murder

Many "General Hospital" viewers have watched in disgust for months as Nelle has gaslighted Carly Corinthos, using dead son Morgan (Bryan Craig) to push her over the edge.

Nelle has been nothing but trouble since she blew into Port Charles almost two years ago. Nelle's recent episode at her baby shower seemed to be the nail in Carly's coffin.

Nelle deliberately wanted Carly to lose her composure in front of family and friends. She made her snap by gifting herself a penguin mobile (since Morgan loved penguins) supposedly from Ava Jerome (Maura West). Carly fell right into her hands. Nelle baited her upstairs, out of sight from any witnesses.

Nelle knitted a blanket that was identical to a baby blanket of Morgan's. When Carly saw it, she lost her mind, calling Nelle out on all of the gaslighting from all these months.

Carly grabbed the blanket to show everyone proof of what Nelle was doing. But then Nelle snatched the blanket back, causing her to fall down the stairs. That sets Carly up for attempted murder but it doesn't stop there.

Baby fine, but Nelle lies, fakes medical crisis

"General Hospital" spoilers promise that Nelle has proven time and again that she is ruthless and has no empathy for anyone.

Dr. Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes), who is also Carly's brother, is evaluating Nelle. She's in a neck brace relishing in all of the drama. The doc said the baby's heartbeat is in normal range and that the baby is okay. Sources say scheming Nelle will claim she can't feel her legs.

"GH" spoilers say Nelle is loving all the attention and takes it a step further by faking paralysis.

It looks like everyone buys into it and Nelle continues to get lots of sympathy from Michael (Chad Duell), Josslyn (Eden McCoy), Monica (Patty McCormack), and anyone else close to Carly.

Nelle milks it for every last drop, telling the story of how Carly shoved her down the stairs on purpose. People who know Carly are horrified and still find it hard to believe. But it is Nelle's word against Carly's, who has shown nothing but contempt for Nelle -- at the baby shower and every other encounter.

Detective Chase digs up Nelle's past

Some other "General Hospital" spoilers and rumors hint that Nelle's past is still a dark mystery. But her past will reportedly be in the light soon. Detective Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) is from the same state as Nelle -- Florida -- and "GH" fans know that that only means one thing.

They may have a past.

"GH" spoilers reveal that Chase digs into Nelle's history and will find lots of unsavory behavior back in Florida that Nelle wishes to keep buried. With what he finds, Chase will then start to question Nelle's whole story about Carly attacking her. But it may already be too late to help Grandma Carly avoid punishment.

Carly stuck in a mental institution

"GH" spoilers also say that Nelle's manipulations do not stop. She loves all of the power and will flip the script by trying to look like a martyr to all of Carly's friends and family. As Carly faces attempted murder charges, Nelle tries to get in the good graces of Michael.

She tells him she will forgive Carly and drop the attempted murder charge but only if Carly agrees to get help in a mental facility (where she's rumored to find Morgan!).

At this point, Carly's fate is in nasty Nelle's hands. Michael falls right into Nelle's web by talking his mom into getting "mental help" rather than jail time. Spoilers hint that Nelle will love that Carly's in the loony bin while she is free to enjoy the fruits of her diabolical labor. Nelle basks in all of the attention she has craved for so long -- especially from Michael.

"General Hospital" fans thought that Ava Jerome was bad but it seems Ms. Benson is running neck and neck -- if she's not surpassed Ava's ruthlessness.

Ava has a chance to redeem herself by helping Carly. "GH" rumor has it that Carly will have an unlikely ally soon -- will it be Ms. Jerome or someone else? Check back often for more "General Hospital" spoilers.