After a couple of weeks of traveling through Italy and Germany, reality star Stassi Schroeder and boyfriend Beau Clark are finally headed back to Los Angeles. The couple, who has been dating since February 2018, went on a romantic getaway together. The couple has been eating, drinking and photographing their way through Europe on a luxurious vacation together.

Both Schroeder and Clark have been keeping fans up to date (and making them jealous) by posting daily Instagram stories of all the places they were visiting and all of the food they were eating.

According to Life and Style magazine, Schroeder even posted a photo of the two joking that they like to “get large” referring to all the amazing food they have been trying on their trip.

Never-ending vacation

What originally was a planned trip to Italy soon expanded as the couple decided to extend the trip. Schroeder even took to her Instagram story, asking fans if the couple should visit Barcelona or Amsterdam. The fans clearly voted for Amsterdam to be the winner because the couple set off to that location immediately after Italy.

Schroeder has even been joking throughout their journey that she never wanted to come home. Luckily though for her friends and fans, the “Vanderpump Rules” star and her "beau" are now back in the states.

According to Bravo, after two days and three flights they made their way back to West Hollywood. Schroeder even posted an Instagram story of her and Clark (who was laying on the ground, exhausted) saying they were feeling “haggard AF.”

Back to reality

The jet lag recovery time for these two may take a while but it is doubtful that the couple will have a long time to decompress as there are many rumors swirling that season seven of Schroeder’s hit show “Vanderpump Rules” is already gearing up for production since the show has been known in the past to film from May to August of each year.

Schroeder has not been shy about showing off her latest relationship and new-found happiness all over her social media, so fans are hoping to see even more of her relationship with Clark on the next season of the show. Especially after Schroeder’s last boyfriend Patrick Meagher caused a bit of controversy and a lot of backlash after finally appearing on season six of the show.

Since Clark is clearly not shy about attending events and trips with his girlfriend (unlike Meagher who took four years to even appear on her show) fans are assuming he will be a big part of her life during season seven and are excited to see her so happy.

Be sure to catch Schroeder on the final episode of “Vanderpump Rules” season six reunion show on Monday at 9 PM on Bravo.