A controversy has arisen over who will walk Meghan Markle down the aisle for her wedding with Prince Harry on May 19 in St. George's Chapel in Windsor. Her father was supposed to do the honor and has already arrived in Britain, but, due to certain recent developments, he might not perform the task.

CNN reports that Prince Charles, Meghan’s future father-in-law, could take over the responsibility. Another option is Prince William, the elder brother of Harry because he is close to Meghan. She will be his sister-in-law after the marriage. The third option is Doria Ragland, the bride’s mother, who is also in Britain.

The root of the problem

The peculiar situation has emerged due to over enthusiasm in certain quarters. Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha, had taken the initiative for her father to stage a set of photos for the paparazzi. In her opinion, such photographs would help boost his image – but it backfired.

Ever since he landed in Britain, Thomas Markle has been at the center of media attention. Photos were taken of him preparing for the big occasion. However, Meghan’s father had second thoughts. He felt that such images were not in keeping with the traditions of the Royal Family and would embarrass his daughter. Therefore, he decided to skip the wedding.

This is the latest challenge that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are facing after they announced their engagement last November.

Things will settle down

The decision of Thomas Markle must have dampened enthusiasm a bit, but, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have learned to take these things in stride. Their wedding is no ordinary affair. She was an actress in Hollywood and he was a fighter pilot in Afghanistan. They met through a blind date arranged by a mutual friend and will now tie the knot on May 19.

Meghan has entered a new phase in her life and has already won over members of the Royal Family. Both she and Harry have many common interests and they have grown in their lives together.

BBC adds that Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha, has clarified that her father, Thomas Markle (73) will attend the wedding provided his health permits.

She added that the incidents relating to the photographs published in the media have led to some health issues.

Thomas Markle lives in Mexico. He was a former lighting director on a number of popular TV shows that earned two Emmy awards for him and his team. He and Doria Ragland divorced when Meghan was 6 years old.