erika girardi is fueling rumors that she's quitting "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" with a simple post on her Instagram account. The 46-year-old pop star got tongues wagging that she was leaving when it seemed her heart wasn't into anything being discussed on the reunion.

Cryptic message, comments disabled

Right after part three of the "rhobh" season 8 reunion special aired, Erika posted a photo of herself as "Erika Jayne" and added a brief catchphrase linked with Elvis. She wrote, "ERIKA has left the building."

What's more, Erika disabled the comments section.

Usually, people are allowed to comment or interact with her on Instagram, but this time no one could respond to the cryptic message. Was she hinting that the rumors are true and that she's not coming back for season 9?

Various outlets, including Good Tea, surmise that this could signal Erika Girardi is ready to hang up the "Real Housewives" gig. It has fans wondering if she's just done with the whole reality TV thing.

Erika 'has allegedly threatened to quit'

Last week a fan tweeted that there was a rumor going around Erika plans to quit "RHOBH." Reality Blurb checked into the rumor with Bravo and a source close to production informed the site that while they can't confirm Girardi has left the show, she "has allegedly been threatening to quit."

Some are turning against Erika after witnessing her behavior on the reunion.

A handful of tweets shown here are just a sampling of what many are saying about her. At best, no one is thrilled with her attitude.

Erika turned off many fans

Erika Girardi started out as relatable to many viewers of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." She had a bit of a rough childhood with a mother who didn't believe in coddling her, and she had to work hard for everything she got.

She didn't exemplify the posh background that the others on "RHOBH" did. Her outspokenness and authenticity are what drew people in. In season 8, however, she was more combative.

Erika came off too strong in pushing back against Teddi Mellencamp after her "pretend amnesia" remark. Many fans sided with Teddi and lashed out at Erika for her harsh treatment of her.

Erika was also more determined to share the Erika Jayne side of herself instead of Erika Girardi. It sparked rumors that maybe her marriage to Tom Girardi isn't on the best of terms either. He wasn't interviewed for her book and she said he hasn't read it.

It could be that Erika's music career is hitting a high point and she doesn't want to be part of the "Real Housewives" franchise anymore. She mentioned on the reunion that a lot of good things are happening. She didn't imply that was leaving, so it's all speculation at this time.

Do you think Erika Girardi's Instagram post is a sign she's quitting "RHOBH"?