Is erika girardi quitting "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" after season 8? The question persists, and probably will for a while. Her distant demeanor throughout the reunion and her combative nature all season left fans unimpressed. It's also brought on speculations that she might give up the show after three season.

Subtle signs she's had enough

According to Romper, the rumor that Erika Girardi is quitting "rhobh" continues. She didn't seem present for the duration of the reunion. She said very little about her book and raised eyebrows when she said her husband, Tom Girardi, wasn't interviewed for her memoir and that he hadn't read it.

Fan's prediction for Erika makes news

A fan tweeted in April that it was predicted Erika would make an announcement she's leaving the show. There wasn't any evidence to back up the fan's post on social media, but it made headlines nonetheless.

Fans were put off by seeing more of Erika Jayne than they did of Erika Girardi in season 8. Her music career has taken off and she was more inclined to share the showbiz side of herself than her real-life persona.

Girardi battles with newcomer

Erika and newcomer, Teddi Mellencamp, didn't get along all season. In fact, fans were irked at Erika for coming on too strong in her attack against her in one conversation. Teddi felt that Erika was more rude to her than she was the rest of the group, but Erika told Teddi at the reunion that she was being too sensitive and that she's rude to "everybody."

Small clue she intends to stay

During part 3 of the reunion, Erika said that the future "looks good," but didn't imply that she wouldn't be back for season 9.

She and Teddi had an understanding that they were both heard at the reunion. Erika did tell Teddi that "the next time" she sees her, she knows where they stand. So, maybe that was a sign she's not opposed to coming back for next season.

She recently reacted to all the speculations about her marriage and what people are saying about her divorcing her husband.

She simply tweeted "conspiracy theories" in one post.

The outspoken star is known for her straightforwardness, but she hasn't been as authentic in her third season on "RHOBH." Her strongest attribute since season 6 has been her transparency and ability to be relatable.

Viewers didn't see that side of her this time around.

Do you believe the rumors that Erika Girardi might be quitting "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in season 9? Would you like her to remain on the cast?