Another typo for the masses to see seems to suggest that Donald Trump has free range on Twitter. When Trump tweeted a message to welcome Melania Trump home from the hospital, he welcomed "Melanie" home instead, by misspelling her name, reports CNN. That tweet has since been edited, but it seems to demonstrate that Donald Trump's tweet goes from his head to his fingers and then right into the Twitter world.

There doesn't seem to be any stopover for a tweet to be edited or even for someone else to take a quick gander at his words before they go live on Twitter.

That should be welcomed news to the people of this nation, who have never had such transparency from a president like this before Trump moved into the White House. Donald Trump is sharing his unfiltered thoughts with the masses, which is much different than past administrations.

With Trump going right to Twitter to share his thoughts, there are bound to be typos. He is human and we humans make mistakes. You might think folks would rather excuse a typo, now and then, instead of Trump handing over his Twitter account to an editor. Besides, maybe "Melanie" wasn't a typo. This could be a name of endearment that Trump calls his wife in the privacy of their own home.

Many husbands and wives have pet names for each other and it is possible Trump slipped and set it free on Twitter.

Whatever caused Trump to spell his wife's name wrong doesn't matter, it was a mistake but a mistake that critics jumped on to have a field day with "Melanie" Trump's latest spelling.

Howard Stern took to Twitter with a simple tweet, which is seen below. He told the world he is relaxing with his wife "Bith."

According to Yahoo News, Donald Trump corrected the typo and that corrected tweet is seen below.

Despite the typo, the tweet was given to provide information to the masses who have been waiting for updates on Melania after she spent the last week the hospital where she underwent a kidney procedure.

Yahoo News had originally offered tweets from both Howard Stern and Kathy Griffin, but there's not a tweet about this from Kathy Griffin to be found. The tweet below suggests that one does or did exist.

This is not the first time Trump has misspelled something on Twitter and it is certainly not the first time people jumped all over him for doing so. So he made the mistake of hitting that "e" instead of an "a" in Melania's name, he was at least offering up the information that people were waiting for. Melania is out of the hospital and doing well.