It was just last week when Vice President Mike Pence led the United States delegation into the Winter Olympics in South Korea. After the news broke that highlighted openly gay American star Adam Rippon refused to meet with Pence due to the vice president's stance on LGBT issues, the president's son decided to speak out.

Junior on Rippon

It's no secret that Mike Pence is a right-wing conservative whose Evangelical Christian beliefs are well-documented.

Due to Pence's conservative faith, he's been outspoken about his opposition to LGBT rights, with reports noting that he once supported the controversial use of conversion therapy to help turn gay individuals straight. Knowing this, star Olympic athlete Adam Rippon has gone on the record with his views on Pence, which included his criticism heading into the Olympics.

Mike Pence denied the conversion therapy reports, and even went on Twitter to reach out to the figure skating star heading into the weekend. In response to the drama, Donald Trump Jr.

decided to rip into Rippon during a February 13 tweet for saying he doesn't want his "Olympic experience" to be defined by the vice president. "Really? Then Perhaps you shouldn’t have spent the past few weeks talking about him," the younger Trump tweeted.

"I haven’t heard him mention you once???" Donald Trump Jr.

went on to rhetorically ask. As expected, the backlash to to Don Jr's tweets came quick and were to the point.

Instant backlash

Following Donald Trump Jr's Twitter attack on Adam Rippon, critics of the administration wasted no time firing back. "Wow! Publicly attacking an Olympic athlete!!! How American is that!?!" a tweet wondered.

"Damn, what is wrong with You? Now you are attacking a gay Olympian? What a sack of sh*t you are. Now I really hope Mueller nails your traitor a**," a follow-up tweet stated. "Remember the good old days when politicians and their kin had bigger fish to fry? Aren’t you busy running daddy’s 'companies,'" a Twitter user wrote.

"You should have been more focused on representing this great country that gave you this opportunity!

Instead you were too busy insulting it. Grow up!!!" an additional tweet noted. "Ummm... your father attacked the entire NFL all summer just because some of them kneeled. They kneeled to protest racially biased police brutality. Yeah, your father had a problem with people not wanting to get shot for no reason," a social media user pointed out.