The fans of "When Calls the Heart" are really invested in the show and can't imagine it not being around. Brian Bird went to his Twitter today to share a link to an article that explains that it almost never happened. That would have been awful and everyone is glad that isn't the way it worked out. Now they are almost to Season 6 and the viewers can't get enough.

Brian reveals hard times

Brian Bird explained that the show almost didn't even get filmed. He said, "Most people don’t know that in 2008, when the global financial meltdown happened, Michael Landon Jr.

and I were in Alberta, Canada, filming our movie version of Janette Oke’s book, “When Calls the Heart.” The day Lehman Brothers went belly-up, so did our source of funding." This wasn't the way they had expected things to go at all.

He explained that they were half-way done with filming when they shut down all production on "When Calls the Heart." Of course, a show that is half-way done isn't any good so they had to decide what to do with it and it almost all went away. There was also $1.4 million in debt at this time because of the show.

Brian admits that after 25 years in the business he almost quit over all of this, but luckily he didn't and they were able to revive the show. Things could have gone a lot different

It was four years later before they were able to get the show "When Calls the Heart" going, but it was all worth it. It was 2013 until they were able to get it done and then they got six episodes right away after that, but now they are at over 50 episodes.

The show is doing great and "When Calls the Heart" fans can't be happier.

What is coming next?

Brian Bird recently shared that they hope that Elizabeth can find love again on the show, which fans find a bit hard considering Jack just passed away. Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, also teased that there will be big surprises coming in 2019 when the show is back again.

The fans are going to have to learn to live without Jack on the show because he is not coming back. Daniel Lissing made the choice to move on from the show and they decided that killing him off was the way to do it. It would have been impossible to believe if he had left Elizabeth because they had such a strong and amazing love story going on.

Can you imagine a world without "When Calls the Heart"? The show will return with new episodes in 2019 on Hallmark. There is also hope for another Christmas special, but that hasn't been confirmed just yet.