"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Marci Miller is out at "DOOL," and that the show will be bringing back Kate Mansi as Abby Deveraux! Fans love Mansi, and, according to Daytime Confidential, she's picking up the role, as Marci is done at the NBC soap this month. This news is further supported by information from Jason Cook, aka Jason47, that Miller was under a two-year contract that expired in May!

Marci Miller leaving for primetime

Other "Days" spoilers reveal that Marci Miller landed a primetime program and will be starring on "Gods of Medicine," a show with a very Doctors Without Borders theme.

Miller's role is as Kendall Bryant on the new series which is already in production and will debut later this year. The show will air on CBS, though not much else is known other than it's about the "best doctors in the world" that are called upon to do the "most difficult surgeries on earth" according to the show's description on IMDb.

Miller quit, Mansi back

Also from Daytime Confidential comes the "Days of Our Lives" spoilers report that Marci chose to quit "DOOL" and that's why the NBC soaper tapped Kate Mansi to replace her. Marci has only been in Salem as Abigail since 2016, taking over the role from Kate Mansi. Mansi played the good girl that's now suffering from DID from 2011 through 2016.

Since leaving "Days," Kate Mansi has tackled a number of projects, but nothing else in daytime TV. That makes this soap spoiler piping hot!

Crucial time for Abby

Although "Days of Our Lives" spoilers won't show us how the swap will be made, since the NBC soap shoots six months ahead, we won't see Kate Mansi back in Salem until November sweeps.

By then, perhaps Abigail's DID will be sorted and we'll know whether "Gabigail" and Dr. Lauren are gone for good. There's also the question of whether Abby and Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) will still be happily hitched or if she'll turn to the dark side and fall for Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher).

This week on "DOOL" is the fallout from Abby learning that she killed Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis), although, with all the resurrections in Salem -- courtesy of outrageously fun head writer Ron Carlivati -- maybe Andre's not really pushing up daisies.

"Days" fans love Kate Mansi, so, while Marci Miller has done an admirable job, earning a Daytime Emmy nod for her work over the past year, Mansi's return is good news.

What do you think? Are you thrilled to have Kate Mansi back as Abby? It will be six months (give or take) until she's back on set, but watch out for Kate Mansi's return and Marci MIller's exit during November sweeps in an exciting Abby swap. Check back often for more "Days of Our Lives" spoilers.