A few months ago on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Sally declared her love for Liam Spencer. The two seemed poised to embark on a relationship when the powers that be did an abrupt about-face. Out of nowhere, Hope returned to L.A., and the Spectra clan is now all but wiped off the map. Thomas came back and said he was taking his lady love to New York and the fate of Darla, Saul, and Shirley apparently is unknown. There were many on-screen suspects who had good reason to shoot Dollar Bill, but Taylor showed up confessing to the crime. Like her son Thomas, she too was gone after a few episodes and these sudden changes do not take the fans into consideration.

The Spectra clan seem to be long gone from 'B&B'

Liam and Ms. Spectra began growing close, but he shut her out when Steffy slept with Bill. Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" realized there was no long-term place for Sally and her crew on the show but did not have a clue of how their last days would play out. Dollar Bill demolished their building and went back on his promise to set them up in a new one. This is why they were suspects in Bill Spencer's shooting.

Thomas came back to L.A. just as Sally was being questioned by the police and told her how Caroline had deceived him. The two made up and she agreed to go back to New York with him but was told that Liam had shot his own father a suspect she must remain in town.

That was the last time anyone saw Sally or Thomas and nothing at all has been said regarding the rest of the Spectra clan. Shirley, Darlita, and Saul seem to be gone with the wind.

Hope and Taylor changed everything

Just when it looked as if Liam and Sally were about to become closer, Hope returned to L.A. and viewers of "The Bold and the Beautiful" knew that it was game over for "Lally." Later, Taylor showed up and admitted that she is the one who shot Bill.

In exchange for not turning her in to the police, Bill forced Steffy to sign annulment papers and this will change the narrative even more because. Dollar Bill wants Steffy for himself and for Hope to end up with Liam. Sally could have been the other woman in the triangle but there would not have been as much drama.

Liam is now living on the same property as Hope, Ridge, and Brooke, which is more interesting than his hanging out with the Spectra clan.

This is good news to his father, who on Monday (April 30) convinced Wyatt that he and his daughter-in-law are involved with each other but they are not. This could change however because several months ago spoilers suggested that Bill may turn out to be Steffy's baby daddy. Stay tuned for additional spoilers and be sure to watch "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM ET on CBS.