Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer tied the knot for a second time during the seventh season of "Teen Mom OG" and according to a new clip, the longtime reality star didn't put a whole lot of thought into the vows he exchanged with his wife. In a snippet from the "Teen Mom OG: Unseen Moments" special shared by In Touch Weekly, Edwards was seen chatting with his parents, Larry and Jen Edwards, about his then-upcoming ceremony.

"I'm just gonna wing it when it comes to the vows," Edwards admitted to his mom and dad. "It's just a bunch of promises," he added.

I'll figure it out." And he did. Although Edwards didn't seem to think much about what to say, his wedding vows to Mackenzie came out nicely. "I promise to always love you, be your best friend, I promise to be faithful and always be there for you," he said during the new episode.

Edwards hasn't exactly proven himself to be the most present person in recent years, so it came as no surprise to his ex-girlfriend Maci Bookout that he didn't prepare his wedding vows in advance. "I feel like if he prepared it, it would be weird," Maci said.

Ryan Edwards was high during his first trip down the aisle

The memory of Ryan Edwards' first wedding to Mackenzie Standifer has been freeze-framed into the minds of "Teen Mom OG" viewers everywhere due to the controversial state he was in.

As fans saw, Edwards continued to nearly nod out as he drove to the ceremony with his then-fiancee in the car and when they arrived, she began to question him about his use of Xanax.

Despite the fact that Edwards was clearly not in his right mind, Standifer didn't hesitate to say, "I do," and was immediately accused of staying with Edwards only in an effort to gain fame -- and an MTV paycheck.

On Twitter and Instagram, Standifer has faced intense criticism over her relationship and recently, she chose to delete both of her accounts.

Ryan Edwards failed a drug test months ago

In January of this year, as he and his wife proclaimed his sobriety on "Teen Mom OG" and off, he reportedly failed a drug test by testing positive for morphine and opiates.

Radar Online shared the news with readers after obtaining court documents from the Red Bank City Court in Tennessee and revealed that the reality star was charged with petition to revoke as a result of the incident.

Months after failing his drug test, Ryan Edwards, who is expecting his second child later this year, was taken into custody in Tennessee.