Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate a week of suspense and surprises on "The old and the Beautiful." Dollar Bill Spencer has irritated practically everyone in town and will be found bleeding out on the floor. Wyatt and Katie will unite to help save him, but in the midst, more people will become aware of their engagement. This will be a whodunit like no other as there are so many likely suspects that wanted Bill hurt or dead.

On a positive note, Thomas will return and apologize to Sally. He will tell her of Caroline's deception, ask forgiveness and try to sweep the redhead off her feet. The Spectra team has not been front and center recently so this may be a way to write them off of the show.

The list of suspects who are angry at Dollar Bill

There is no shortage of characters on "B&B" who are angry at Dollar Bill Spencer.

Quinn told him she would do anything to protect Wyatt, so it's possible her crazy side has come to the surface. Eric is livid that Bill had sex with his granddaughter in his guest house and he stated in front of witnesses that the owner of Spencer Publications must be dealt with.

Liam is angry his father slept with his wife, and Steffy herself wants her father-in-law to just go away. Now that he has proposed to her, she is really indifferent toward his advances.

Katie is distraught that her former husband is seeking sole custody of their son Will, and spoilers say she will find him bleeding out on the floor. This gives her means, motive, and opportunity. In the middle of the drama, Katie and Wyatt will come out as a couple to those who were not aware of their relationship.

Celeb Dirty Laundry also indicates that Liam and Wyatt are about to be cut out of their father's will, which leaves Justin as the sole heir to all things Spencer.

It's possible he may have become tired of the way his friend/boss handles things and decided to get him out of the way. There is also Ridge, who hates Dollar Bill, and believes he took advantage of his daughter. Sally also is a suspect, because Bill blew her off and did not help her revive Spectra Fashions.

Thomas may whisk Sally away

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Pierce Forde will reprise his role as Thomas this week and try to make amends to the woman he truly loves.

Spoilers say he has found out that Caroline deceived him and was never dying. Now he is coming back to L.A. to convince Sally to leave town with him. Now that Hope is back in the picture there does not seem to be a chance for Sally and Liam, so she may take Thomas up on his offer. He might just whisk her away and that will be the end of Spectra Fashions. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM on CBS.

Be on the lookout for spoilers that reveal ahead of time what your favorite characters are up too.

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