The "Westworld" Season 2 premiere followed Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) as he jumped around two different time periods: the immediate aftermath of Ford's retirement party massacre, and "two weeks after" when Delos forces finally arrived at the park to put an end to the uprising. Bernard as a host experiences memories in a different way than humans do. That coupled with the fact that he is leaking brain fluid made the time jumps more difficult to follow.

If the first episode wasn't confusing enough, the second installment titled "Reunion" introduced a whole bunch of different timelines.

This time, however, the focus was on Jimmy Simpson's William, Logan (Ben Barnes) and for the first time ever, James Delos (Peter Mullan), Logan's father, and the founder of Delos Incorporated.

Spoilers for "Westworld" Season 2 Episode 2 will follow.

Arnold and Ford looking for investors

The episode opens up yet again with Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). Only this time Arnold "brings Dolores back online" in the real world, presumably more than 35 years ago, before the park was opened. Their sweet conversation about the world "full of splendor" is interrupted by young Ford (CGI young Anthony Hopkins) whose voice we hear in the background. Arnold informs him that Dolores isn't quite ready and that they will have to go with the other girl.

Judging by the similar sleek dress she is wearing, the other girl is most definitely Angela (Talulah Riley) who is taking Logan (the client Arnold and Ford were talking about earlier that night) through a room full of hosts in order to impress him and get him to invest in the park. Obviously, the scene takes place before Logan and William ever visited the park.

The investment

Then, we see William taking his father-in-law James Delos (who is, by the way, dressed all in black) to Sweetwater, explaining to him what "Westworld" truly is in the scene that occurs after the events of season 1. "This is the only place in the world where you get to see people for who they really are," William told him, "and if you don't see business in that, then you are not the businessman I thought you were."

James Delos retires

Afer a few years, James Delos retires and William takes over the company.

At the retirement party, we see William's wife Juliet and their daughter Emily who is probably five or six years old at the time. It's pretty obvious that James Delos is retiring due to a serious health condition, and he is hoping William and the company can help him. But William says they are not there yet.

Speaking of bad conditions, we also see Logan again, who seems to have gone full drug addict. But it was because of something he said, that we learned that William is up to no good. "That, darling, is the sound of fools fiddling while the whole species starts to burn," Logan said to Dolores, "So here's to you, a**holes. May your forevers be blissfully short."

William shows something to Dolores

After an unspecified amount of time, William is talking to Dolores.

He says that he can't believe he fell in love with her as she is not even a "thing," but merely a "reflection." William also revealed his plan to "answer a question no one has dreamed of asking," before showing Dolores a site in the park that's under construction.

Present timeline

In the present timeline, the series continues right where it left off last week as the Man in Black (Ed Harris) continues his search for "The Door," and Dolores is gathering an army. At one point, Dolores crossed paths with Maeve who is on a quest to find her daughter.

Lastly, we see Dolores and Teddy (James Marsden) talking about the "valley beyond," or as Dolores puts it, somewhere "an old friend was foolish enough to show me years ago."