On "The Bold and the Beautiful" episode for Friday, June 9, fans saw a familiar face return to the screen --- none other than Sheila Carter played by Kimberlin Brown. Nobody saw this one coming. Fans had speculated about her return earlier this year when a CBS Daytime Celebration class photo appeared with Kimberlin Brown as part of it.

Here are the latest spoilers for those who missed out on today's "Bold and the Beautiful" episode featuring Sheila Carter's return.

Who is Sheila Carter?

As noted, Sheila Carter is well-known by soap fans for the "B&B" show, as she appeared on the show as early as May of 1992.

She's been on and off the show for several runs and different storylines. Most recently, she'd been a part of the show from September 2003 through just October of the same year and then moved on to "The Young and the Restless" where she played the same role from August 2005 through January of 2006.

She was off both soaps for a decade as she did other projects. That included a quick guest spot as a judge on the popular soap, "All My Children" and starring on a web series called "The Bay."

The actress who plays Sheila, Kimberlin Brown, posted a message for fans back in August 2015 letting everyone know she could not tell them if she'd be back on television. However, now she's back as part of a major story on the popular CBS soap.

Why did Sheila return?

On Friday's episode, Carter made her shocking return in just the final minute or so of the episode, surprising viewers. It's unknown so far why Sheila has returned to the show in this longtime role, there are some possible rumors and spoilers going around online.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry is speculating, the main motive for her return could be revenge.

Avid viewers of the show will remember that Carter was previously engaged to Eric in the past. That could mean she's going after his new lady, Quinn. Will she try to murder Quinn? That could become one of the big storylines for this summer season of the show.

Regardless of the motives, her return may be a welcome one for fans.

The 55-year-old actress has been on the show quite a bit in the past and bringing back fan favorites, whether they're villains or not, can always help give the Soap Opera a boost in the ratings.

"Bold and the Beautiful" fans, if you saw Friday's episode, were you surprised by Sheila Carter's return? Why do you think she came back on the soap? Is it all about revenge, or another reason?

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