Wendy Williams called out country singer Carrie Underwood on her Monday, April 23 show. Wendy Williams is not one to keep her opinions to herself, and believes that Carrie has just been making too big a deal out of her face scar, according to Hollywood Life reports.

As previously reported, Carrie Underwood spoke out last week, revealing all the details of her horrific fall which occurred last November -- resulting in a broken wrist and nearly 50 stitches to her face. Underwood opened up to fans following the fall, telling them the next time they saw her face, it may look a bit different than before.

Wendy Williams is now blasting Carrie Underwood, stating that the 35-year-old country singer has been making way too big a deal about her face scar and gaining all kinds of unnecessary attention from it.

Wendy Williams not sympathetic to Carrie Underwood injury

Wendy appeared to be a bit irritated by Underwood, asking her fans if she was really still talking abut this. Wendy went on to show a recent enlarged photo of Carrie, zooming in on her face. Williams then pointed out the scar on Carrie's top lip to underneath her nose -- indicating that the scar is tiny and hard to notice unless one is directly looking for it.

Wendy claims the face scar looks more like a "shadow" than a scar and stated that it was time for Carrie Underwood to get over it and get back to "singing." More or less, Wendy Williams feels Carrie Underwood's pity party time for herself is now over.

All celebrity news followers are well aware that Wendy Williams claims to call it as she sees it and sometimes her compassion and sympathy for her fellow celebrities is next to invisible.

Too much whining and not enough signing?

However, is it a little too soon for Williams to be calling anyone else out when it comes to such matters?

After all, Wendy did not appreciate the harsh comments she received last fall in which the Talk Show host appeared to faint and then collapse on live television. Some Wendy critics believed the event looked fake and staged and believed this was a ratings move.

In February of 2018, Williams announced she would be on medical leave from her show per doctors orders to rest up.

She also revealed that she was dealing with thyroid issues related to Graves' Disease, defined as an immune system disorder of the thyroid, and hyperthyroidism.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams calling Carrie Underwood out about her face scar? Do you believe Underwood made too much out of it to gain fan sympathy and media exposure while she recovered?