Brittany Cartwright will be seen reacting to Jax Taylor dumping her on tonight's new episode of "Vanderpump Rules." After the shocking incident played out during last week's episode, Cartwright ventures back to SUR Restaurant for work and sits down with her co-star, stassi schroeder, and boss lisa vanderpump.

"I'm doing okay," Cartwright tells Schroeder and Vanderpump as they approach her at her table in a new sneak peek. "I'm sorry. I haven't been responding very much to anybody. I'm staying in a hotel right now. I'm just trying to be away," she explained.

Brittany Cartwright doesn't need a break from work at SUR Restaurant

Although Lisa Vanderpump suggests Brittany Cartwright take some time off as she adjusts to her new life without jax taylor, Cartwright isn't open to the idea. "Oh no, no, no. I want to work," she tells Vanderpump.

"You are so much stronger than I am. I would have like taken two months off," Stassi Schroeder replies. Still, Cartwright doesn't have it in her to stop working and says it was her time on the farm that allowed her to build a strong work ethic. "I grew up on a farm. If you don't wake up and feed the chickens everyday, in about seven days, you're going to have about 20 dead chickens," she said during a cast confessional.

"You just have to get off your a** and get it done."

Brittany Cartwright is 'embarrassed' about her breakup from Jax Taylor

"I was so mad that he did that after everything... and he's embarrassing me even more by just ending it for no reason," Cartwright explains to Lisa Vanderpump and Stassi Schroeder as the scene continues.

"We've all been in that embarrassing situation where significant others have embarrassed us... every single one of us. So, don't feel embarrassed," Schroeder replies.

While Cartwright has had plenty of support from her co-stars and friends since Jax Taylor informed her that he wanted to part ways, she's still struggling to get back to her normal self.

That said, she's doing her best to make it happen. "I'm basically numb, I guess you would say. I'm just going to have fun," she said. "I'm going to go to Lala Kent's party. I'm going to be at work. I'm going to do whatever I can do. I'm just going to get back on putting myself first I guess."

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