Wendy Williams is taking a break from her self-titled show.

In a video titled "A Message From Wendy" the popular Daytime TV host's first words were, "I go twice a year to my endocrinologist...to all my doctors as a matter of fact, cause I'm paranoid." She went on to announce that she will be taking a three-week break from the “Wendy Williams Show” due to a recent diagnosis of Graves’ disease. According to Williams, she knew she had problems with her thyroid but had no idea it had led to hyperthyroidism, which is the overproduction of thyroid hormones.

Will Wendy Williams be okay?

Mayo Clinic cites Graves’ disease as the most common cause of hyperthyroidism. Symptoms include anxiety, irritability, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, chest pain, elevated blood pressure, hand tremors, increased sweating, irregular menstrual periods, muscle weakness, vision problems among others. Wendy Williams states that although she hasn’t experienced most of the symptoms associated with the disease, she has had an intolerance to heat, gets heart palpitations and finds it difficult to sleep and swallow.

She said, “Graves’ disease squeezes the muscles behind your eyeballs and so that’s the reason for...” (sic) the bulging eyes and twitching of the muscles around the eyes, something she acknowledges her viewers noticed before she did.

Williams has been quite open about her health scares and this could possibly be a reason behind her fainting on live TV last October which according to her was due to overheating in her Statue of Liberty costume. She also canceled a few shows last week due to flu-like symptoms but assured her fans that she will pay a visit to her doctor to get on top of things.

Don’t hesitate, get regular check-ups

The star, who has had her own share of criticisms, was prescribed a three-week rest away from filming one of America’s most popular talk shows, which since its inception has been nominated for five Daytime Emmy Awards. In a typical Wendy style, she defiantly told her audience that she will be back in two weeks.

According to CNN, a representative for Williams said old episodes will be rerun during her break and that she will not have fill-in hosts. It shouldn't come as a surprise because no one does "How you doin'" quite like her. Wendy Williams signs off by saying, “So what I wanna say to women more than men, is stop putting everyone first, cause if we’re not good, they’re not good...get your pap smears, get your mammograms...get stuff checked out."