Carrie Underwood has revealed the details of that terrible Fall she suffered that tore up her Face resulting in close to 50 stitches and a broken wrist.The country singer's new looking face has been a popular subject for several months after Underwood had begun revealing to fans that the next time they saw following the fall she may not quite look the same to them.

One step caused a lot of turmoil for Carrie Underwood

According to Radar Online, Carrie Underwood, 35, has now stepped forward to discuss the horrific fall that occurred last November and to let fans know the details, and the speculation that she had gone into hiding was all wrong.

Underwood revealed during an interview on April 19 on the Bobby Bonones Radio Show that not long after her co-hosting gig at the CMAs in November, she took a nasty tumble falling from the front stairs of her Nashville home.

Celebrities are human too

The fall sent the singer straight to the hospital where she was treated for a broken wrist that it took surgery to repair, and multiple cuts and gashes on her face requiring close to 50 stitches to close up. So what caused Carrie Underwood's nasty fall? Carrie reveals she was taking her dogs out once last time for the night and she just missed a step and tripped up. However, she failed to let go of the dog's leashes and landed in a very awkward position breaking her wrist as she tried to catch brace the fall.

Carrie also revealed that during the fall, she landed not only on her wrist in a weird way, but on her face. Sadly, her face did take most of the hit. She claims after picking herself up off the ground and taking her dogs back in she took a look at herself in the mirror, she first thought a blood lip was the worst of damage upon further inspection she claims she was pretty shaken by what she saw.

It was bad, but it could have been worse for Carrie

Carrie states it was not at all pretty, she chipped a tooth, and the gashes were pretty scary at first glance. After she was treated she was very afraid of the scars that the fall may have left on her face. However, fortunately for Carrie, the healing process went a lot smoother than she first thought it would.

“I was at a point where I didn’t know how things were going to end up,” she said. With an accident as such that requires stitches, especially on the face, one is never quite sure just how severe the scarring could potentially be. Carrie Underwood adds that while she was home healing her broken wrist and stitches she thought what fans and people would say if she was caught out in public before revealing the news of the fall. She wanted to get ahead of the speculation and gossip, of failed surgeries, whatever drama some would cook up.

That is when she sent out the message revealing the accident, telling fans she may look different to them. However, things worked out nicely for the singer and she looks great!

But, even if things had not worked out quite as smoothly as they have, Carrie Underwood's fans would have continued to stand behind her with all the love and support they have shown thus far.

It's good news that Carrie Underwood is okay and hopefully, she will try to be more careful on those steps!