Jeremy Calvert appears to have a troubled new girlfriend. Just days after the "Teen Mom 2" dad, who shares a four-year-old daughter with ex-wife Leah Messer, shared the first photo of Desiree Kibler on his Instagram page, a rumor has hit the web, claiming Calvert was recently forced to bail Kibler out of jail after she was arrested for a Dui and charged with drug possession.

On April 23, Radar Online shared details from the incident obtained by Portage County Municipal Court in Ohio that revealed Kibler was arrested in the wee hours of the morning on April 12 of this year after allegedly operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

As the outlet revealed, Kibler had a blood alcohol level of 0.163 at the time of the incident, which is more than twice the legal limit in Ohio.

Desiree Kibler had pills on her when pulled over for DUI

In addition to reportedly driving drunk, Desiree Kibler was charged with one count of possession of a controlled substance after police found one white pill and one orange pill on her. Radar Online explained that one of the pills was Vyvanse, a central nervous system stimulant, which Kibler did not have a prescription for.

Kibler’s legal troubles continued hours later when, after being booked and released, she was pulled over for a second time and charged with another DUI. Kibler was also charged with driving under DUI suspension.

Jeremy bailed her out after second DUI

Following the arrests, Jeremy Calvert came to the rescue and paid a $500 bond to bail her out, as well as an additional $3,500 for the drug charge case. Later in court, the felony drug possession charge against her was reduced to a misdemeanor charge and Kibler pleaded not guilty to both of the DUI charges against her.

Should Leah Messer be worried about her ex-husband's new relationship?

Months after Messer hinted to Kailyn Lowry on her podcast that she and Calvert were still physical with one another, the longtime reality star and mother of three has been faced with his new relationship and that may not be a good thing. In addition to putting an end to their alleged hookups, Messer will likely also have to take the pending charges against Kibler into account when considering allowing her young child to spend time with her.

Jeremy Calvert and the cast of "Teen Mom 2" is returning to MTV on May 7 at 9 pm for a new season. No word yet on whether or not Desiree Kibler will be featured on the new installment.