Val Kilmer's recent outing in Los Angeles has sparked more concern regarding the "Top Gun" actor's health once again. Fans fear that Kilmer's health has taken yet another downward turn. Speculation that Val Kilmer's throat cancer has taken a turn for the worse is being fueled by a new photo and report from Radar Online. The photo reveals Val out in public, attending a viewing of the film "Pacific Rim Uprising."

How did Val Kilmer look?

Val is seen wearing a large neck brace and looking thin and frail. As previously reported, fan concern for Kilmer was up in February when he was photographed going through the LAX airport wearing a scarf and surgical mask.

Now -- just a little over a month later -- he still appears to be having some medical issues. It was rumored in February that those closest to Val were also very concerned about the actor, with reports alleging that his cancer had returned and possibly spread to his brain.

The actor continues to remain very private about his life and health. It was only revealed last year that he had finally admitted that he had been battling throat cancer after denying it for several months. Val revealed on Reddit that he did, in fact, have cancer --revealing as little information as possible at the time.

Kilmer did explain at the time that due to the condition, it had left his speech altered a bit due to the swelling of his tongue.

He also shared that since his diagnosis and going through everything he has over the past few years, one thing about him has changed drastically. He now claims that he is focusing on the things that are truly important in his life, like his health and family and just taking life one day at a time.

Val Kilmer's successful career

Val Kilmer is best known for his highly successful film career. The actor got his start during the 80s with roles in "Top Secret!" and "Real Genius" before taking on more serious and complicated roles like in the film "Top Gun" and as Doc Holiday in "Tombstone," as well as a very convincing Jim Morrison in "The Doors" in 1991.

Many fans hope that the speculation that Kilmer's cancer has returned and spread is just that, speculation. Fans would love to see the actor fully recover in the near future. Cancer in any form is a very serious and frightening disease that -- when caught in the early stages -- in most cases, can be successfully treated.

Val Kilmer is not the only celebrity dealing with cancer issues in 2018. Caitlyn Jenner and Jane Fonda have also recently revealed that they have undergone treatment for serious skin cancer issues.