The Ryan Edwards situation has grown even more concerning after new details reported by In Touch reveal that Ryan threatened to "put a bullet" in Maci Bookout's husband, Taylor McKinney's head. It comes as no surprise to "Teen Mom OG" fans that Maci took legal action against Edwards by filing a protection order against him. However, the details of just how scary Ryan's threats towards Maci and her family are very disturbing.

Ryan Edwards is losing control

As previously reported, Maci Bookout filed the official paperwork for the protection order just three days before Edwards' arrest on heroin-related charges.

Court documents reveal that Taylor said that Ryan Edwards called him on March 20 threatening to "show up at his home and put a bullet in his head." Ryan also told Taylor that he would also show up at Bentley's baseball game and have it out again with both Maci and Taylor.

Maci Bookout feels Ryan is a real danger to her family

Enough was enough with the verbal threats, and given the unknown condition physically and mentally of Ryan Edwards, Maci and Taylor decided to contact the police. After speaking with local authorities, officers suggested that Bookout seek an order of protection immediately. Ryan has allegedly been getting really out of line.

He has been continuously verbally threatening Maci leaving nasty and frightening voicemails on her phone.

Bookout claims she even fears for the safety of her dogs. The protection order at this time is temporary and will be revisited by the courts in May. Hopefully, it will be enough to keep Ryan away until he gets a grip on his problems.

Everything in Ryan's life at this time is a train wreck. Just after announcing he and wife, Mackenzie Standifer are expecting their first child together, less than one day later he was arrested at his home.

Things just continued to snowball out of control from there. It was then revealed that Ryan Edwards was allegedly involved in a cheating scandal on Tinder. Three women have come forward detailing Ryan's contact with them.

Following the Tinder scandal development came Maci Bookout's restraining order. Things really topped off after news broke that Ryan's wife Mackenzie had reportedly left him and headed for New York alone.

It has since been speculated that Mackenzie Standifer's New York Trip was for "Teen Mom OG" and that she was doing show-related interviews. But, not all fans are buying that at this time.

It has not even been a year since Ryan Edwards checked into rehab after the video aired of Ryan driving Mackenzie to their wedding location completely high on drugs. Mackenzie is seen in the segment completely irritated by Ryan's condition, questioning him about Xanax use and nudging him into consciousness several times.

Ryan Edwards' future with Mackenzie Standifer, his son Bentley, and even his job with MTV on "Teen Mom OG" appear to hang in the balance at this time. The one thing that is 100 percent accurate at this time is that Ryan Edwards needs to return to rehab and gain control of his life.

What are your thoughts on the threats made to Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney?