Val Kilmer's frail appearance continues to spark major concerns for the "Top Gun" star's health. Val Kilmer's public appearances have been few and far between since his 2015 cancer diagnosis, according to new reports from Hollywood News Daily. However, Val was spotted at a Los Angeles airport on Tuesday, looking nearly unrecognizable, thin, weak, and sporting a Surgical Mask as he made his way through the terminal.

Val Kilmer attempts to dodge health questions in Los Angeles

The 58-year-old actor, who until last December denied having cancer, walked hunched over and slowly through the airport, attempting to avoid the snapping cameras and dodging questions concerning his health.

Kilmer's recent appearance has sparked new health concerns for the actor with some friends and fans worried that the star appears weaker and that the throat cancer may have spread throughout his body. The actor lost a lot of weight during treatment and has problems speaking, preferring to keep a low profile, and covering himself with scarfs, hats, and now, a mask.

'Top Gun' star reveals how his life has changed

In his weakened condition, it is possible that Kilmer is using the mask to ward off the many nasty flu and virus germs that continue to spread across the United States. In 2016, as previously reported by Blasting News, Val Kilmer and actor Michael Douglas made news headlines after Douglas commented publicly that Val was not doing well at all.

Douglas' remarks irritated Val, who then took to Facebook, posting a lengthy letter to his followers stating once again that he was in "good health." He also stated in a polite way that while he was fond of Douglas, Michael had no idea about Val's health issues, as the two had not spoken in more than two years.

Always a very private person, however, Val Kilmer finally opened up about his battle, revealing that he was fighting cancer.

The actor then said that since he was diagnosed he has changed considerably.

Today, the actor is focusing on the things that are truly important in his life, like his health and family. Kilmer's acting career at this time is on hold, however, fans are hoping for his full recovery and are hoping to see him on the big screen once again very soon.

Kilmer's career in film skyrocketed during the 80s with roles in "Top Secret!" and "Real Genius" before taking on more serious and complicated roles like in the film "Top Gun" and as Doc Holiday in "Tombstone," as well as a very convincing Jim Morrison in "The Doors" in 1991.