Amber Portwood and Matt Baier may not be together anymore but when it comes to their relationship, the couple is still being featured on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition." Following their breakup last year, the former pair traveled to Los Angeles to film the currently airing series and attempt to get to the bottom of their romantic struggles with one another.

While Portwood and Baier weren't able to reconcile during filming, the show is letting fans in on the moments leading up to their decision to part ways for good. In a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of the WEtv series shared by OK!

Magazine on April 3, Portwood is seen telling her former partner that she hopes he will take a lie detector test and be embarrassed by the results. In response, Baier tells his former fiance that he's already taken a lie detector test.

Amber Portwood accused Matt Baier of abuse weeks ago

“It’s really your lying that triggers me to go f*****g crazy,” Amber Portwood replies. As fans of "Teen Mom OG" will recall, Baier was seen failing a lie detector test in early 2017 after answering questions about his potential interaction with another woman. The shocking moment aired on the show and is what led Portwood and Baier to enter into "Marriage Boot Camp."

Portwood then began discussing potential abuse between herself and Baier, stating that she would like for her ex to reveal what really went down between them.

During a previous scene from the show, Portwood was seen accusing Baier of putting his hands on her during their years-long relationship.

Matt Baier finally admits to hitting his ex-fiance?

“You will not say, ‘Yes, I did hit her!'” Amber Portwood yells at Matt Baier in the sneak peek. In response, Baier says, “Yes, I did hit her.” Baier's response left Portwood in complete shock, understandably, but she was ultimately able to mutter the phrase, “Oh my god.”

Amber Portwood is pregnant

Weeks after the end of production on the WEtv reality show, Portwood confirmed that she and her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, were expecting their first child together.

The couple met during production on the series, where Glennon was working behind the scenes.

To see more of Amber Portwood, tune into new episodes of the seventh season of "Teen Mom OG" on Monday nights at 9 PM on MTV and catch new episodes of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition" every Friday night at 9 PM on WEtv.