Val Kilmer's health continues to worry the Actor's fans. Speculation concerning Val Kilmer's health grows as he cancels appearances as they feel the "Top Gun" star may have taken a turn for the worst recently.

Concern for Kilmer's health began building once again after news of the actor's recent cancellations began making headlines last month. In July, Val took to his Twitter page posting short and noninformative explanations for his absences at Comic Con. Kilmer stated on the social media that he had family issues come up that needed his attention and those were his first priority.

Fans are concerned

As previously reported, Val's health issues raised concern in February of this year after the actor was spotted in Santa Monica looking like a shell of his former self. He was described as very pale and frail. Despite looking under the weather, Kilmer has continually denied to the public that he is fighting throat cancer. In December of 2016, actor Michael Douglas spoke out publicly commenting on Kilmer's battle with throat cancer.

The statement upset Val Kilmer who responded to Douglas' comments concerning his health on Facebook posting, while he is fond of Michael, he had not spoken to Douglas in years. Val went on to insinuate that since he does not keep in contact with Douglas, it would be impossible for him to have knowledge of his health status, adding that Michael had been "misinformed."

Cancer admission

A few months later Val revealed on Reddit that he did, in fact, have cancer.

"I did have a healing of cancer, revealing as little information as possible a the time. Kilmer did explain at the time that due to the condition, it had left his speech altered a bit due to the swelling of his tongue.

Regardless of Val's current health status, one thing is known, Val Kilmer is a very private man. While he has made it clear that he fully appreciates his fans concerns for his well being, he also has revealed numerous times there is no need for the concern at this time.

Some Celebrities just prefer to live their lives out of the limelight.

Besides being a successful and accomplished actor, in 1981 Val Kilmer also co-authored and starred in the play "How It All Began," which was performed at the Public Theaters at the New York Shakespeare Festival. Throughout the years, Kilmer's passion and the need for on-camera perfection have labeled him as difficult to work with at times by a few of his co-stars, while others have praised his commitment to the arts.

These characteristics have notably made Kilmer into one of the most entertaining actors of his time. Hopefully, Val is really okay, and fans will see him back on stage very soon. Until then we will respect his wishes for privacy.