''This Is Us'' is a game-changer for the TV shows' ecosystem, especially when the debate slips into the drama field. It's indeed a rare pearl and the whole construct is a magnet for an audience that went to the roof. Season 2 certainly came as a confirmation as the show scored great number as well as critics' veneration. The big honor landed in Sterling K. Brown's lap as he received a Golden Globe for his role in this outstanding TV drama.

According to IMDb, season 3 has been officially confirmed and its return date is set for next fall. It's a rather thin prediction for the future, but given the current trend of the show and how the action unfolds, ''This Is Us'' is here to stay for several years.

Season 4 and Season 5 likely to be confirmed in 2018

While Season 3 is set to return in a couple of months, what lies beyond that line is anybody's guess. Even so, it's unlikely to have an abrupt termination of the show. ''This Is Us'' has really been up and out of the regular charts as the ratings and positive reviews kept pouring in.

Therefore, if the silence persists during the summer, once the action resumes and the show airs again, some updates are likely to occur. Having one or maybe two seasons confirmed might calm down a bit those fans who are completely in love with the show and its characters. And, their emotional struggle has some valid basis too. Jack and Rebecca Pearson will become landmark characters of any future success-seeking-drama series.

And that's not all, as Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley are part of a perfect mix that's been carefully designed to portray a unique family living an ordinary life.

What we should expect for the foreseeable future

Season 2 finale had a decent dose of positiveness inserted into its core but the final scenes opened up multiple doors that offer a glimpse into Pearsons' distant future.

It was the perfect teaser and although those timelines are likely to be kept in store throughout the next season, having a grasp of finality offered down on a plate might be the perfect catch to trap the audience in for good.

Jack Pearson is likely to remain the convergence point of the entire show and with his death already sorted out, we might hope to see some other parts of his life.

His brother is a mystery we can put our aim on while keeping a close eye on his other family. Rebecca and her relationship with Miguel, especially in its early stages, is an interesting topic that might be given to us for a deeper scrutiny in Season 3.