Pregnant Khloe Kardashian had her whole world rocked when she learned about Tristan Thompson's dirty dog ways. The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star was reportedly "devastated" by news that the love of her life was stepping out with other women while on the road.

Initial reports claimed that the "KUWTK" star never wanted to see Tristan again. She even reportedly tried to head back to Los Angeles only to be told by her doctors that she was too close to having her baby girl and that she would have to stay in Cleveland.

In an effort to support Khloe during such horribly timed news, Kris Jenner flew to Cleveland.

The rest of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters are expected to trickle in the coming days. Khloe gave birth to a baby girl early Thursday morning.

What about Tristan?

At first, it was really looking like Tristan might miss out on the birth of his baby girl. Early Thursday reports indicate that Khloe has changed her mind about completely shutting out the father of her child though. It looks he was in delivery room when Koko gave birth.

As far as leaving Tristan for his infidelity, sadly it looks like Khloe is softening up on that too. She believes that Tristan Thompson is the love of her life even though he clearly wasn't worried about Khloe. Tristan was filmed on two separate occasions, months apart, as he messed around with other women in public.

He was also spotted returning to his hotel room in New York City with the woman he was kissing on one of the videos. Things are looking really bad for Tristan and fans are urging Khloe to dump him and move on but it doesn't look like that will happen.

Instead, PEOPLE reports that Khloe Kardashian is absolutely heartbroken but she's not ready to leave Tristan.

Instead, she wants to try and fix the relationship that just days ago she didn't even know was broken.

"She’s a hopeless romantic and she’ll try to make this work. She tried forever to make it work with Lamar Odom. She’s having a child with Tristan, and she’s going to try to rebuild this,” a source told PEOPLE.

"Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fans definitely haven't forgotten how much Khloe put up with in an effort to fix things with Lamar Odom.

That's part of the reason that it's not shocking to hear Khloe wants to work this out. Then again, after all the hurt that she went through the first time around, it also would be a great reason to not do it all again.

Khloe is focused on her baby

The timing of the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal couldn't have been worse for Khloe Kardashian. Many feared that the stress of the cheating scandal may have caused her to go into labor early. Khloe gave birth to a healthy baby girl early this morning but it is not known whether it may have been induced by stress.

It's no secret that Khloe has dreamed of being a mom forever and now, her dream is finally coming true. It's just too bad that it had to be tainted by this mess that Tristan caused.

If she does decide to stay with Tristan and try to work things out, it needs to end better than her situation with Lamar Odom did. Khloe has been through enough already and she's been so incredibly dedicated to her relationship with Tristan. She deserves way better than this.