''This Is Us'' has succeeded to become a TV series drama that can set the framework for similar shows in the future. Once the second season reached its conclusion, it was clear that we're still in the early days of a show with a huge potential yet to reach its peak growing point.

From the perspective of an average TV show viewer, sitting down and watching such a complex narrative unfolding is a rare gift. And, without fear of creating an over-bragging attempt, ''This Is Us'' put us face to face with some unique characters. By far, Jack Pearson remains the central riddle, the key that would allow us to unsolve the puzzle but, the entanglement is a cluster with no cracking code for the foreseeable future.

Jack Pearson connects all the major dots in the show

Whether it's about past, present or future (the show operates on multiple timelines), Jack Pearson is the vital element and the one filter you must look through in order to assess other characters from the show.

At this point, we're in possession of a limited amount of information about Jack. What we do know for sure is that he had a brother that died fighting during the war in Vietnam. We also know that Jack did his best to provide for his family thus trying to avoid his own demons like that drinking problem. And, finally, we know the cause of his death and how that unfortunate event occurred.

What we don't know is the true nature of the relationship between him and his brother Nicky.

That's a direction the show is likely to exploit in the next season on a bigger scale.

Following a past timeline may seem the only viable route to uncover the whole Jack Pearson puzzle, but it's not the only way to get there. In a future timeline, Kevin Pearson is heading to Vietnam. Kevin had some hard time dealing with the memory of his father and his new endeavor seems like a proper way to end the chapter.

Season 3 will create some intriguing premises

As far as we know, the second season ended on a rather positive note. We witnessed Kate and Toby getting married and Kevin starting a fresh new relationship. But, Randall and his family may not have a bright future ahead. That short glimpse into the future shows a worried Randall trying to get things on the same page with his daughter Tess, now a social worker.

Up to this point, it's rather unclear how Rebecca and Miguel fit into the future as we are yet to receive any update on the matter.

The third season is expected to make its return next fall. ''This Is Us'' is turning into a phenomenon but we won't be receiving a true measure of it until the next season will hit the airwaves.