''This Is Us'' is set to return in the fall with its third season. Season 2 is already done and dusted, but, despite a fair amount of information we received toward its finale, the general picture is still in the blur.

Although there was no official confirmation for action to be continued beyond the third season, this show has a decent longevity span. It's that variety of narrative threads that will keep on fueling the creativity oven.

Widely considered the most interesting part of the show, Jack Pearson's death eventually unfolded thus putting an end to a sheer string of speculations.

On the other side, the main character's death barely produced the amount of closure expected by the vast majority.

The narrative structure will be subject to a big change

Season 2 finale allowed us to take a short glance into ''This Is Us'' expected paths for the future. season 3 will dilute the story as the narrative structure will cover a bigger picture.

From where we're standing at the moment, it's easy to anticipate that each of the Pearson members will have a unique story and that the converging points will become rarer and rarer.

Kate and Toby had their wedding and, despite having an opportunity for a fresh start, Toby seems to be haunted by some past demons as he is being pictured battling depression once more.

Kevin Pearson will start pursuing the biggest adventure of his life as he travels to Vietnam to learn more about the time his father Jack spent at war along with his mysterious brother Nicky. Most likely, this particular storyline will return back to us as we're yet to learn the whole story about this topic.

The third course will revolve around Randall and his family.

Although the absence of Beth from that future timeline is still unclear at this point, judging by the looks of Tess and Randall in that future scene, it seems like they must have been through a lot.

Miguel and Rebecca are both missing from the future storyline

Both at a venerable age, Rebecca and Miguel are indeed a lovely couple.

But, a one-decade leap into the future might be enough to get rid of both of them.

In their case, it seems like death caught up with them. But, the same cannot be said about Beth or Deja who are both missing from that future timeline.

''This Is Us'' has a cornucopia of possible future twists and the upcoming season may bring some clarity to them. This abundance translates into a higher dose of uncertainty and a way to keep us hooked into this TV show.