Another “Teen Mom 2” baby has been welcomed into the world. Courtland Rogers welcomed his son Camryn on March 30. He is currently married to Camryn's mom, Lindsey. This is not the first child for Rogers as he shares a daughter with an ex-girlfriend. “Teen Mom 2” fans know Courtland from his tumultuous relationship with Jenelle Evans. The two were briefly married and she was going to have his baby before having an abortion. It was filmed for the show, and he took part in the “EX-Files” special MTV did with men who had dated or been married to Evans.

History with Jenelle

Courtland Rogers and Jenelle Evans were briefly married. Things didn't work out because the two were both using drugs. The irony of the entire situation is that David Eason was Rogers' cellmate in jail at one point. He clearly talked a lot about Jenelle, and it looks like David decided to seek her out. Evans is currently married to Eason and wants nothing to do with Courtland Rogers. He did some time in prison but has been out for roughly a year. During his time inside, he thought about Jenelle a lot. There were reportedly hopes for a reconciliation, but that was not happening.

Now that Courtland Rogers has a son, “Teen Mom 2” fans are hoping he gets his life together.

He is incredibly active on social media, sharing photos of Camryn. The proud father even posted a photo of him holding his son with his dad as well. The generational picture was a social media hit. With Rogers having so much to lose, there is hope he will remain off drugs and out of jail. He was arrested recently but was able to make it home before Lindsey delivered their son.

An MTV special

With Courtland Rogers being relevant once again, there have been rumblings of a “Being Courtland” special from MTV. They have done them with other people who are prominent in the franchise. This would be the perfect way to stick it to David Eason who was fired because of his homophobic remarks on Twitter. Rogers called him out on his comments, but then shortly after that, he found himself in jail again.

There are plenty of “Teen Mom 2” viewers who are in Rogers' corner, he just needs to want to help himself. Being better for his son is something that he can do if he wants to show the world they are wrong about him. Staying sober isn't easy but now, Courtland Rogers has a reason to do it. As fans have tweeted their support for him, there has also been some rude remarks. Rogers isn't taking the bait as he enjoys his son.